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आगे क्या होगा?-

November 14, 2016 admin 0

कृपया ध्यान दे यदि आप किसी दूसरे के दिए हुए पैसे  अपने खाते मैं  जमा करवा रहे है तो  सावधान हो जाए| यदि आप पहले लगातार अपने खाते मैं पैसा जमा नही करवाते थे तो आप ये लिख के ले ले की जन्वरी 2017 मे आप को इस बात को साबित करना पड़ेगा की ये 2000 कहा से […]

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What Comes Next? After 500 & 1000 Demonitized

November 13, 2016 admin 0

Well, I certainly doubt if anyone is thinking about it. Because people, both common and privileged are yet not have been able to sink in and they may have their reasons. I certainly would not take it as a surprise and I too have my own reasons because in the past 30 months i have […]