Verizon brings 5G out of the lab.


The timing is perfect for us to be focused on the next generation wireless technology. 5G is about speed, it’s about latency and the last is scale. The networks will be designed to accommodate billions of machine to machine connections so the commitment we made is to be fist in the world with this type of technology in the customer’s hands” said Adam Koeppe Vice President, Technology Planning, Verizon.” The innovation that we see from our own people and our technology partners that are today conducting field trials within our network, gives us a great deal of confidence so we can deploy this product in a very rapid timeframe

Verizon has formed an initiative called “5G Open Trial Specification Alliance” which is developing specification for 5G trial to serve a common platform for different activities undertaken during 5G trials. It has been joined by companies from almost all fields involved in telecommunication and other technological works like Apple, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, KT, NTT, DOCOMO, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Qualcomm.

5G is promising to open up doors to almost a new world. Technological advancement will get such a boost which has not been witnessed in the past. We are supposed to be in a world we’ve never been before. With sensors uncountable all over in each and every appliance we use, all the security systems and health related devices to so much so our wearables. As a matter of fact, wearables of our pets like dog collars. Everything can be put on network thereby competition the sense of “internet of things” to help us in real time with a speed unimaginable.

A study reveals 5G comes with 66 times more speed than that of 4G. That’s like making a paradigm shift in network related aspects of human life. Self-driving cars are expected to improve from 25 millisecond decision making to 2.5 milliseconds which is nothing less than two cars being driven with one computer. 3D video technology will make you feel that you are talking to someone sitting in the same room. Monitoring and making decision will improve by more than 100 times. We can go to parking with the spaces, we can drive on roads with no traffic congestion, a remote doctor can treat a critical patient with the help of robotics.

Verizon and Samsung duo is trying to beat the team of Nokia and AT&T as the Verizon has started its field tests along with other companies who also be the major players like Intel. It would be interesting to see which of these two major telecom giant are going to surprise their customers by handing them over the option of 5G. Field testing by Verizon includes both fixed wireless and mobile systems tested in the outdoor and indoor environments for both residential and commercial solutions and thereby done in the same type of buildings.


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