OLYMPICS DIPLOMA: Have you heard about it?

Many of us might not have known till this writing, that all the top 8 finishers of an Olympic event get awarded. While the top three get the medals, gold, silver, and bronze for the podium finish for standing 1st, 2nd and 3rd however a paper certificate “OLYMPIC DIPLOMA” awarded to the top eight finishers in competitions at the Olympic Games. While the top three finishers have received medals since the 1896 Olympics, in 1949 diplomas for athletes placing fourth, fifth, and sixth were established, and in 1981 diplomas for seventh- and eighth-place finishers were added. Since all of us are expecting a Medal from Dipa, who will compete in the finals in less than 24 hours from here onward, we must not be sad if she, God forbid, fails to finish on the podium as she would be coming with a Diploma.

Here are the Diplomas from few of the previously held Olympics.







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