Dipa Tamed Dangerous Produnova: Wish her “All The Best”

There’s first time for everything. COME LETS PRAY TOGETHER, IT SHOULD BE THIS TIME FOR DIPA  AND FOR INDIA OF COURSE. 14th August, Just us to wish her all the best. Dipa, you just have to do the best you can and then trust God to fill the blanks. I’m sure 1.3 billion prayers will be answered. They, in fact already have been. and because of the same we would see you performing there on 14th in TOP-8. FIRST TIME EVER FOR INDIA.

People, the dangerous PRODUNOVA VAULT – also called as “Vault of Death”,  has only been done by 4 gymnasts before Dipa, ever. She is the fifth athlete to do that vault successfully. That’s something Indians can feel proud.



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