De- MOTIVATORS….. (Part 4 of 4)


Occasionally, a manager grabs all the credit in the hope of currying favor and gaining promotion. This is probably an unwise tactic, because in stealing a person’s accomplishments, the manager demotivates the team and reduces future achievements. And when senior management reviews performance, they are more likely to promote a manager who has created a team of talented people.

Some managers claim credit for good ideas because they believe the ideas were their own, when some the team thought them up. This easily happens when a new idea receives much discussion and deliberation before implementation. By the time the manager decides to implement the new idea, he or she cannot remember where the idea came from and thinks it’s was his or her own, which si a severe DE-motivator.

Confident and strong managers work on the principle that they take the blame when things go wrong, but their team gets the credit when things go right. The result of this policy is that team members feel they are part of the united family with a confident and caring leader. And that is a sound foundation upon which to build a very productive team.


Reorganizing who handles each responsibility is occasionally inevitable. People generally accept that. However, status matters, so that if you remove from someone a valued responsibility and do not replace it with an equal or greater responsibility, that person will resent the change and become DE-motivated.JUSTIF

If there is no just cause – such as the responsibility being no longer required, or the person was failing to discharge the responsibility satisfactorily – the person will probably also feel that you have treated them unjustly and harbor resentment.

If you promote a person into a new responsibility and then fail to support them or enable them to succeed, and the subsequently remove the responsibility, that person will feel they have been unfairly set up to fail.

A manager has a professional duty to do his or her best to ensure that people are capable of handling the extra responsibilities that they have been given. If not, it would be wise to coach, mentor and support the employee until they are equal to the task.

In the conclusion, i would recommend you make a list of all the 9 pointers and paste them at some place where you can read them at least once everyday till you have them all part of your way of life. Don’t try to memorize them else it would only be the theoretical knowledge good for nothing and you would land in the pool of those, who actually were the reason where from these pointers were captured.


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