Delhi Daredevils vs. Kochi Tuskers Kerala-DD Won The Match By 38 Runs

Delhi Daredevils vs. Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Delhi Daredevils vs. Kochi Tuskers Kerala: It was weekend and there was match played between Delhi Daredevils and Kochi Tuskers Kerala. Although both teams were not at very good position and definitely want to win the match and to achieve this al their efforts were shown in the match. But today is day of Virendra Sehwag and he saved his team and won the match by 38 runs. The match was played at Nehru Stadium, Kochi, India between two teams.

Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils inning: It was 30th April, 2011 and the match was begun by Delhi Daredevils inning. In the toss, DD had won the toss & elected to bat first. Although the start was not good and the first wicket was fallen in second over, yet with the great inning of the captain helped the team to win the match. It was David Warner who was knocked by Sreesanth in just 1.1 over by making 3 runs only. Thereafter in the same over in fourth ball, second wicket of Delhi Daredevils was fallen. This time it was Naman Ojha by making no score or run. Till that time, DD were at the score of 4 with the loss of two wickets. But today Sehwag was in its form and was still on the field. With Venugopal Rao, he took the score of the team to 35. But with all this it was also fact that Venugopal had not done anything except wasting balls. He scored only one score in 10 balls. He was knocked by Ravindra Jadeja in 6.2 over. Thereafter Yogesh Nagar was with Virendra Sehwag and took the score at 91. Both were playing with good understanding but unfortunately did a mistake and got run out by Ravindra Jadeja. Then Travis Birt came and with Sehwag, took the team score to 132. But unfortunately Sehwag was knocked at the score of 80 in 17.5 over. This was really not expected in today’s match as till now, Sehwag was played so brilliant. Well after his wicket, the team summed with total score of 157 with loss of seven wickets in 20 over. One thing, I must say that KTK bowlers were given their best and really performed well.

Kochi Tuskers Kerala

KTK inning: After the Delhi Daredevils inning, now it’s time for KTK to do something. It was expected like bowlers, now it’s time for batsmen to do their job well. But the openers of the team disappointed and were gone by making just 7, 2 and 1 run respectively. Thereafter Mahela jayawardena and Brad Hodge controlled the match at some extent, but the remaining players did not do anything and hence all team was knocked out by making just 119 runs in 18.5 over. In brief, we can say the top order batting line did not do anything, the middle one tried to control the situation and the bottom order just completed the formalities to come to field and went back. All the efforts put by bowlers of the team was diminished by the batting line of the team. But what can we say except hard luck of KTK team. Virendra Sehwag became the man of the match for his wonderful inning of 80 runs in the match.


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