Dil To Bacha Hai Ji Review

Dil to bacha hai ji

Dil to bacha hai ji review: After getting popularity the song Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (DTBHJ), it’s time to get some interesting stuff on it and thus Madhur Bhandarkar brings the movie with the same title.  Everyone is surely gets curious about what to expect. The picture, as the promos suggest, is virtually ternary guys with varied amounts of testosterone, to find love and lust. Naren Ahuja (Ajay Devgn), a divorced bank manager is sooth anticipant for his second innings. Milind Kelkar (Omi Vaidya), a self-confessed virgin is dilatory of beginning his innings exclusive when he finds true love. Abhay (Emraan Hashmi) is like an omnibus of all the characters that Hashmi has played in his old films (they’re all the same-a free conversation goo masque). Naren invites the two into his home as tenants and to stronghold him from sinking into post-divorce unhappiness. The trio breezes through the film by taunting, encouraging and even consoling each other over their respective love lives.

The ladies in the movie are just inspiring but are luckily marginalized by the activity men. Naren’s individual touch is his staff medico, June Pinto (Shazahn Padamsee) who is squeaky, supremely crazy and sums up to be quite nettlesome. The age gap between this attach is conveyed by Naren’s fumbling at singing, dancing and intemperateness. It is also coiled that Devgn looks carefully chiseled, time (the supposedly 21-year-old) Shazahn has a million wrinkles walking around her wincing eyes apiece indication she smiles.

Dil to bacha hai ji

On the other hand, Milind, doesn’t know have an age dissever with his genre muse RJ Gungun Sarkar (Shraddha Das), who he has a chance converging with. But Gungun’s obnoxiously shelfy enactment manages to suction Milind dry and the sharpest of them, Abhay, predictably, manages to get around with a dozen women. The ones with spare dialogues let Anushka Narang (Tisca Chopra), an industrialist’s palm woman and her girl Nikki Narang (Shruti Haasan), an inheritrix devoted to gregarious causes.

Dil to bacha hai ji

It’s new that DTBHJ strays departed from cliches, especially the way the trine couple stories stop. No one has a transfer of pump or realizes their relative’s literal designer yet. Ajay Devgn’s earnest attempt at comedy is laudable. Omi has his highs and lows but his insane mode of faculty (manner 3 Idiots) fails to dye or divert here. Emraan, for need of anything added, could’ve kissed a few women. Telegu actress, Shraddha Das’ check proximity justifies her fibre’s progress action. Shruti Haasan is a protection satisfy and resembles her care Sarika characteristically. Several dialogues in DTBHJ might affect a grin but it would implement out quickly. The screenplay is fair shut, but you might checkout your vigil about 15 min before half period, hoping for an interval. Pritam’s songs aren’t worthwhile of humming or equal finger drumming. Madhur Bhandarkar right might get gone with this one, let’s retributive trust this doesn’t inspire opposite directors to look out of their alleviate genres.


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