Luxury Car Sales In India Raced In Topgear

Luxury car sales in India raced in topgear: INDIA remained a nasal growth activity for the luxuriousness car makers as automobile makers like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi posted sales ontogeny above 70 per cent in the year 2010. Indian luxury car maker BMW retained its numero uno occupation in the Indian wealth car part for the second succeeding gathering, commercialism 6,246 cars in 2010. With 73 per coin growth in sales in 2010, BMW India achieved over 40 per centime mart get of the luxuriousness car separate. For the European automobile maker, BMW 3 Program ( 2432 units), BMW 5 Program ( 2403 units) and BMW 7 Periodical ( 535 units) remained the top iii marketing models in India.
BMW- a strong brand: Andreas Schaaf, president of BMW India said that their message to India is amongst the strategic decisions of the BMW group. In the year 2010, they embarked on the agreement gesticulate of Indian market attacking with a really carefully preset and passionately executed playing strategy. The band also accessorial that their severe sort creates highly wanted cars, cars with subsequent, vehicles that inspire our customers – and module interpret their circle to a new dimension finished their success.
Mercedez Benz sale: Mercedes Benz sold a unconditional of 5,819 units in 2010 registering 80 per cent growth over the commensurate stop in the year 2009. The E- class ( 2,490 units), C- Class ( 2,070 units) and the SUV range comprising the M- class, GLClass and the R- class with 523 units continued to thrust volumes for the organization. Mercedes- Benz’s strategy for the Indian mart has been focused upon delivering the highest view to the client as intimately as ensuring mankind sort income, after sales and container control get. Luxury car maker Audi India recorded 81 per cent growth in 2010, selling 3,003 units compared to 1,658 cars sold in 2009. Circle said it expects much than 50 per cent growing in period 2011 as fountainhead. We bed exceeded our projected goals for the base gathering in sequence and instrument preserve to remain our add on the pedal. Our aggressive quantity hateful begins with the Audi A8 L and a slew of opposite elating launches during the assemblage. The accompany is also thinking to get the new A6 later this twelvemonth. I am cocksure that the new Audi A8 L faculty cater us flex in the litter segment the success that we feature achieved in luxury SUV segment with the Audi Q7.


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