Bigg Boss Season 4 Finale: Shweta Tiwari Won The Show

Bigg Boss season 4 finale

Bigg Boss season 4 finale: Bigg Boss season 4 came to an end on 8th Jan, 2011 in uber impressive style. The tv screen’s most demanding and famous personality Shweta Tiwari walked departed with the winning trophy and cash prize worth Rs. one crore. This is the history in itself as this happened first time that a female contestant becomes the winner of the show. She was competed with the great khali who walked off with the title of 1st runners-up. The four contestants who reached in the grand finale were Ashmit Patel, Dolly Bindra, The great Khali, and Shweta Tiwari. That was a wonderful evening and all the contestants of the reality show was seen there, who were evicted from the Bigg Boss house. Salman set the pioneer on render with his dabangg execution. Veena Malik constituted to perform on some sexy numbers. Maddy and Kangana were also reached in the grand finale to promote their upcoming movie Tanu weds Manu.

Bigg Boss season 4 finale

Shweta Tiwari wins Bigg Boss 4: After the long struggle of 14 weeks in the Bigg Boss house, finally the person who is considered as the most eligible person to live in that house was Shweta Tiwari. Yes, she has won the reality show Bigg Boss season 4 and created a new chapter in the history of the show. In earlier three seasons, it was always a male personality who has won this title but this was the first time that a female personality of the show gave a strong competition to two most demanding males and won the title. Although, she has seen many ups and downs, but still she cherish every moment spent in the house. After winning the show, she holds the big booty of 1 crore in her hand. The Grand Finale of Bigg Boss season 4 was a grand success with fabulous dance performances of ex-contestants. There were also many other awards which were distributed in between the contestants of the house. Sameer Soni has won the Chevrolet Cruze car for being the Most Stylish and Bold person in the house. Salman Khan also gave some awards with funny tag lines like Veena Malik has won the Bigg Boss Main Hi Main Award, Anchal Kumar has won the Bigg Boss Silencer Award, Hrishant Goswami won the Bigg Boss Chaabibaaz Award, Manoj Tiwari won the Bigg Boss Dramebaaz Award. During this time, there was lots of tension seen inside the house among the four finalists – Dolly Bindra, Khali, Ashmit Patel and Shweta Tiwari. Finally, Salman break the tension and silence in the house and declared Dolly as the third Runner-up. She was the first who came out from the house. Later, Ashmit Patel came out as second runner-up. Now there were only two contestants were left. One is great Khali and other is Shweta Tiwari. It was really a tough competition and very difficult to say who will win as both have their strong fan following. Salman Khan went inside the house to greet the top two finalists. He brought them out and after that also tried to create some nerve-wracking moments. Finally, Salman Khan has declared Shweta Tiwari as the Winner. Dolly, Ashmit and the great Khali has won a bike each. Mother and daughter of Shweta Tiwari came to share the moment of her success.

Bigg Boss season 4 finale

Bigg Boss season 4: The fourth season of the Bigg Boss was considered as the spiciest and most controversila season than any other season. There was lots of drama, politics, cat fights and intimacy in the season. Although there was a moment when the Bigg Boss was asked to change its time as it spoils the children. Well, finally the season was completed with Shweta Tiwari as its finalist. Now people are waiting for the next season of the show. Hope the next season will bring some new concepts, ideas, tricks and entertain the people as it does ever.


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