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Dhobi Ghat- One More Look At Mumbai City

December 15, 2010 Shivangi Tomar 0

Dhobi Ghat: all set to release: Murzbaan Shroff, the illustrator supported in City would be mightily delighted that the premiere prevarication in his book breathless in bombay also is the repute of the directorial start of Kiran Rao, titled as dhobi ghat. As Shroff has underlined in the lie, dhobi ghat, is one of the […]

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2010 Year In Review: Power Celebs

December 15, 2010 admin 0

2010 year in review: Power Celebs: Not one year goes by when we don’t use product of the celebs who had the large standings in media expanse, product and drive endorsements and the turn cause to influence the outcome of anything they were attached in. Any of the celebs and sopranino level personalities bonk uprise […]