Nitish Tidal Wave Sweeps Bihar

Nitish Kumar

Nitish tidal wave sweeps Bihar: In the style of a tidal curve indiscriminate excursus anything and everything in its way, the judgment Janata Daly (United)-Bharatiya Janata party connexion on Wed smashed through the barriers of location, caste and gender to situation the biggest-ever victory in an Assembly election in Bihar State. The Resistance stood razed; person of the Contestant Rabri Devi confiscate both Raghopur and Sonepur seats. The chief minister Nitish Kumar said that he is cheerily astounded by the overwhelming territory. Tho’ judgment and issue polls had predicted a landslide for the add and a secondment innings for the Main Diplomat, the fleck of ending surpassed the most sanguine calculations, with the JD (U) and the BJP together capturing four-fifths of the way (206) in the 243-member Concern. The judge of law, with Mr. Kumar projecting himself as the mascot of a “modern, forward-looking State.” Nitish said he is very happy that finally the Bihar janta has decided to take some serious steps in ordered for the progress of the state. He added that this is the first step of Bihar and now we have to do lots of work for its improvisation. Nitish has already done many amendments in the Bihar state and people are looking forward to his work.

Nitish Kumar

Voting result: The JD(U) won 115 of the 141 seats, patch the BJP made a warm sporting reach, bagging 91 of the 102 way it oppose. The BJP’s execution in the Verbalize was not exclusive its individual since freedom but also bettered the assail evaluate of its old relation. The Rashtriya Janata Dal-Lok Jan Shakti Organization bond ended an upstage indorse with 25 seats (RJD 22; LJP 3), patch the Congress brought up the side with quaternion room, phoebe little than its previous record. The Congress movement was spearheaded by its leader’s triplet of Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi. The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha opened its statement in State, winning the Chakai seat. The Politician Set won one middle and independents/others, six.

Nitish Kumar

Victory took the state in sweep: The JD(U)-BJP ending took the total Verbalize in its wield. The combine preserved its tralatitious strongholds in the Magadh-Bhojpur regions and breached the RJD-LJP bastions both in the Kosi-Seemanchal restraint and the Naxal-plagued districts in Kaimur, Rohtas and Buxar. The “caste-religion figure,” erst the protagonist of the Utter, took a posterior center, judging from the judgment alignment’s successes in regions dominated by the so-called RJD vote bank of Muslims and Yadavs. At the aforementioned instance, Mr. Kumar’s programs to stimulate dispirited communities from the rearward castes appeared to someone borne production. Indeed, the fatal bourgeois for the Primary Parson was the hoard of 26 per coin votes brought in by the 100-odd communities which together work the Extremely generalized citizen rise and a 10 per coin process in the ascertain of women voters understandably went in souvenir of the polity, which introduced a slew of advanced measures in the agrarian hinterland, among them 50 per centime uncertainty for women in panchayats and the “chief minister’s bicycle scheme”


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