Manisha Koirala Drama

Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala Drama: These Bollywood stars always wants that they should be in news in anyway. Here I am talking about a well known but now invisible actress of Bollywood. She started her career with the movie Saudagar and did many movies but then suddenly she became invisible to the film industry. Then she came back with news of her marriage and now she is news for her divorce. Yes, you heard the same word. It is hardly five month passed that she got married and now she is talking about divorce, It is really weird but it is true. She sent a message on face book and shocked everyone. According to her she was upset and sent a hurtful note on FB. In her message she is indicating that she was so upset that she was ready for ‘D’ which would probably mean divorce. Her quotes on Face book are something like this, there are times like now and i think of other as me and I feel the other pain. MY question is shall i forget my pain? When you taste real love, joy, happiness and everything seems part of it. My life will be scrutinized but can I really compromise with the best? If then, was now, if now, was then. These words spread everywhere in no time and she has to retract on that and finally she has deleted the FB post.

Manisha Koirala

Friends deny the statement: On the other side, her friend denied the statement and said that she did this just because of her anger and there is nothing serious in this statement. According to them, she is very happy with Samrat and like every couple there must be some fight between two and maybe that’s why she has put up that post. They also said she is emotional by nature and always reveal her sentiments when get upset. SO there is nothing much serious like that what she had post and that’s why she deleted that post from FB. She herself admitted that she is happy with her life partner and usually does such silly things when angry. It was just for short period and nothing is serious about it. She also regret that what she has done, should not be done and will take care in future.

Manisha Koirala

About Manisha Koirala: Manisha Koirala is famous model turn actress who started her career with the movie Saudagar. Although the movie was a big hit, but she did not get any benefit of this movie as there were more well known stars in the movie who took all credit of the movie. After that she has pefromed in many movies, but did not got that position which she desires to get. Then after that she also involved in many controversies and thus she left the film industry and got married to Samrat. Now she is living happily in her family and also try to start the second inning in the Bollywood. We just hope that unlike her first inning this time she will be more serious and sincere towards her work.


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