Guru Nanak B’Day At White House

Guru Nanak B'Day At White House

Gurpurab in White House: It was the first time when it was decided that an Indian pilgrimage festival will be celebrated at White House. It was quite surprising but true. US president Barack Obama has decided to celebrate the Guru Nanak Dev birth anniversary at White House two days ahead of the actual day. It was celebrated with the presence of 125 Punjabi’s where Sikh men were in colorful turbines and women in traditional Punjabi suites. The senior officer’s team lead by Christina M. Tchen in the White House welcomed all the guests and said this is the beginning of celebrating the many festive here. This is just to keep in touch with us. The beginning of the program is done by a prayer by Sarabjit Singh, a Granthi of New York Gurudwara. He prayed for Obama, his administration and well being of the humanity. After that a kirtan with tabla and harmonium was performed by ragi Sukhjeevan Singh and Nirmal Singh Nagpuri of Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple Amritsar, India). There was also a song in English sung by two American Sikhs Guru Sangat Singh and Gursanagt Kaur to devote their homage to Guru Nanak Devi ji.

Guru Nanak B'Day At White House

Sikhs council is thankful: With this step of Barack Obama in US, Sikh council is highly obliged to him and the chairman of Sikh council on religion and education Dr. Rajwant Singh said they are thankful to Mr. President for this kind gesture and issue a message to Sikh Community. He also added that this is the acknowledgement of Sikh community’s presence in US. He included this event is tribute to all the great personalities or pioneer of Sikh community in America. The council SCORE helped the system to organize this special event in White House. It was a great moment for Sikh community that they have got this chance. It will also make some respect of them in America among other residents of America. This is the first time and we just hope it will remain continue in future life and will have long life.

Guru Nanak B'Day At White House

Barack Obama gave his wishes: On this auspicious day, Barack Obama gave his best wishes to Sikh community all around the world. He said the principles of Sikh community like equality, service, interfaith and respect is shared by Americans. He said everyone in the world has learned from his teachings of humanity and equality. Barack Obama is very much impressed by his teachings and respect his teachings. The head of the White House said that Barack Obama and we all respect Sikh community and we are eager to work with them. Dr. karandeep Singh from Pennsylvania also gave a small speech there and told about Guru Nanak Devi ji teachings and perspectives of building a nation or society with respect and acceptance of every group. This is really a great thing which has done by president of US. I am sure all the participants were felt so proud and they will never forget this memorable moment of their life.


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