Katrina Kaif Replied To Deepika Padukone

Katrina & Deepika

Bollywood Drama: It is not a big deal when we heard about any issue in Bollywood. It is common to hear that two co stars are fighting with each other and most of the time the reason was because of their role in the movie or for playing role in the movie. But recently we heard about an incident which is just opposite to this. Two top actresses of Bollywood fight each other and the reason was a passport. Surprise, but this is true, that Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone arguing with each other on the topic of passport. Actually the matter was, Deepika has said in a show that she wants to see the passport of Katrina. Now what the exact reason of her this wording is still in suspense but the news is she has said something abut her passport. Well, our Katrina is not a taken it lightly and replied back her with her strong comments that there is nothng funny in her passport and anyone can see her passport. She said I don’t understand why Deepika is curious to see my passport. It is said that Deepika commented her on reference to her foreign origins. Well from past few days Deepika is continuously in news either because of her affairs or for movie promotions. On the other side, Katrina is also famous for her improving performance day by day. This all may be done because of publicity as both need it badly. From past few times, both are not in news. Deepika was upset because of her continuously failure of the movies and so she made a new and controversial statements every day. Well whatever it was, but the fact is now Deepika and Katrina are standing in front of each and there will be definitely something happen which is not expected.

Katrina kaif

About Katrnia: Katrina Kaif started her filmy career with B grade movies and with her hard work and confidence she came into main lead roles. Before entering into the world of Bollywood, she was the popular model and has done many commercial ads too. She said she is happy that she worked hard and reached at this position. She said when I came into this industry; I was alone and have no godfather. I don’t know how to start and that’s why I did whatever I got. She said I agree that I did many mistakes in the beginning of my career and that could destroy my career. But by the grace of the God, I backed in the field with full spirit and confidence and got my exact position. Katrina is also in news for her relation with Salman Khan, but it is yet in doubt what exactly they have. Either they are in relation or not.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukpne: Deepika started her career as model in many fashion shows. Then she did many ad films and finally got chance into Bollywood with the movie Om Shanti Om. She got the chance to work with the king of bollywood Shahrukh Khan. She said I am lucky that I got this opportunity. I have learned many things from my first experience and they will always be with me in my entire life. She also praised Shahrukh khan and said he is great actor and wonderful costar. Deepika Padukone is also one of the popular names this time in Bollywood industry and we just hope she will do well in her future.


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