Pamela in Bigg Boss season 4

Pamela Anderson

Pamela in Bigg Boss season 4: Bigg Boss is always in news because of some of the housemates in the same house of Bigg Boss. It already got much TRP and need no introduction. Yet there is something which has happened every day in the house. This is because of task given by Bigg Boss or some conflicts or some romantic angles, whatever is, but the fact is Bigg Boss season 4 is in news and now one more time, the same thing has happened, but at this time, there was no issue of any of the housemate. Now Bigg Boss is in news for its one more new housemate who comes directly from abroad. Everyone is anxious to know who is that person in the house? Finally the Bigg Boss told them the name and that name is Pamela Anderson. From past year Bigg Boss has made this custom that he must enter one of the foreign celebrity in the house too get more attention of the audience. Pamela Anderson is a famous star and has great male fan following in India too and now she is coming to India and will stay in the most controversial home of the India that will definitely create some sensation and big drama in the house.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela is excited: Pamela herself said that she is eager to come to India and enter into the house of Bigg Boss. She said she heard much about this and wants to know how the people exactly feel inside a house for three months. She said I am also excited to participate in other reality show after doing Baywatch, Home Improvement and VIP serials in America. It will be a unique and great experience for me and I am glad that Big Boss has chosen me this time. I am really very excited to enter into the house. Pamela Andersane said that she has experienced few broadcast shows but this experience is unique and I really want to experience this. This will be great fun for me.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela and controversies: Pamela and controversies are like friends forever. She is always in news for her controversies. She is known for her controversies and famous worldwide. Before this Bigg Boss called Jade Guddy and Claudia Ciesla to enter into the Bigg Boss and what had happened is known to everybody. Now he invited a celebrity who is at the heights of controversies. Now what will happen in the Bigg Boss will tell by time only. The only thong which I can say is there will be some more fun, excitement, and controversies show in the house now. Pamela Anderson has also performed in few commercials of PETA. She was known to Indian audience by few of her assignments of acting and modeling and captured the attention and affection of viewing audiences. Now she is all set to dazzle in Bigg Boss Season 4.


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