Pankaj Advani- First Gold Medalist In Asian Games 2010 From India

Pankaj Advani

Pankaj Advani- first gold medalist in Asian games 2010 from India: He makes us all proud on him when he won the gold medal on the second day of the games. Pankaj Advani is the men who did this and feel proud. He clinched the title in Billiards singles. He got victory over OoNay Thway of Myanmar in billiards finals. He defeated the player with 3-2 points. Alok Kumar claimed a bronze in 8-ball pool event and got silver and bronze. By winning this gold medal he became first Indian player who win the gold medal in pools. Pankaj who was 25 years old said he is so happy and feeling so good with this achievement. He said I am proud to win the first gold medal for my country. He said I become emotional and nothing have more to say. Pankaj start was not as well as he lost in first and third frame. But he did not lose hope and came back in game with full spirit. He also said that it was the unforgettable moment of my life and biggest achievement of my career. With his this gold medal, India has now one gold, three silver and two bronze medal and retaining fifth position in the table.

Heena Sidhu

India is doing well: Other players of India also tried and put their maximum efforts to do something in this Asian game 2010. The shooter of the Indian tream is in lime light. Heena Sidhu, Annu raj Singh and Sania Rai claimed silver medals in women 10 m air pistol game and Vijay Kumar claimed bronze medal in men 10 m air pistol game. The men tennis team also reached in semi finals and thus assured bronze medal for India. India is performing well, but still there are few games in which Indian players have to work hard. The games like weightlifting, judo, swimming, cycling and triathlon disappointed regularly and the player need to put more efforts in the game. The host of the games, China is continued to rule and maintain its top position on the medals table with 37-14-12 medals while South Korea tally 13-10-12 and Japan tally 8-20-15 were in the second and third position respectively.

Annu raj Singh

Expectation from India: Indians have more expectations from their players in Asian games especially after the performance in CWG 2010. All were performed very well and so now everyone is expecting that they will definitely do far better than CWG in Asian games. Indian players are also expecting to give  good performance in the games and for this they are keep  on trying and somehow, in few games we are seeing their efforts like Pankaj Advani won the gold medal, India won the hickey match and many more. So at last we can just hope that they will perform good and bagged few more medals for India. No doubt. CWG has give them confidence and they will definitely play with full spirit and energy. I just say that do not be over confidence, confidence is good but over confidence always get you back. All the best to all players of Asian games (especially Indian).


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