India Vs Hong Kong-India Won The Hockey Match In Asian Games

India Vs HongKong

India Vs Hong Kong: The first men hockey match was played between India and Hong Kong. India showed a great performance in the match. The team efforts were clearly shown in the match. India won the match with seven goals. This was preliminary match and India used Hong Kong as target practice. The beginning of the Indian hockey team was so good and the way they scored goals, it seemed that they will not be stopped by any of the teams. But now there are more expectations from Indian hockey team in Asian games and they have to maintain this performance in the rest of the games. It could be better but not worst.

India Vs HongKong

India inning: In the beginning of the match, India was in its complete form and was prepared to tackle any situation. In the first half they scored 4 score and Hong kong was at zero. Hong Kong was tried to score a goal but in vain. The players of Indian was not in mood to give any chance to the Hong Kong players and thus for them, it was difficult to score even a single goal. The first gal of India was done in just second minute of the game by Bharat Chhikara, thereafter in 4th and 18th minute Sandeep Singh had made two goals and thus India had total of three goals at this time. Then in 22nd minute, Vikram scored another goal so now in the first half India was at the score of 4 and Hong Kong was still at zero. Although the Indian team missed few chances, yet they scored four goals in first half which was quite satisfactory. After that Tushar Khandker scored the fifth goal of the match in 37th minute of the game. Just after next minute Arjun Halappa score a goal and Shivendra Singh scored a goal in 48th minute. So now at the end of the match India was at leading from Hong Kong with seven goals. Hong Kong players were disappointed and feeling helpless in the entire match. They tried but all the efforts were shattered as Indian players did not give them any chance or we can say Indian players did not do any mistake.

India Vs HongKong

Pitch was critical: Although the Indian team has scored 7 goals, yet the coach Jose Brasa said the pitch was not good and it was hard to play on such pitch. According to the coach the ball was bounced on the picth and so it was difficult to control the ball on such pitch. The Indian skipper Rajpal Singh said for us it was a good start and this preliminary match was very interesting and we always remember this. Well if the coach said like this then I must appreciate our Indian players who did so well and scored seven goals. What I am thinking if the pitch was not good and difficult to tackle the ball still Indian players scored seven goal and if pitch was good for game then how much they score? Hmm, i think a thoughtful question.


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