Asian Games 2010 – Opening Ceremony-A Big Success

Asian games

Asian Games 2010 – Opening Ceremony: Finally the most awaited day for Asia has come. Today on Nov 12, 2010, the opening ceremony of Asian games was held in Guangzhu, China. This is the 16th Asian games opening ceremony which is held in China this year. The ceremony was as successful as Olympics in India. The ceremony was held in southern China got 30,000 spectators. It was said that they themselves break their own record of two years ago at Beijing Olympic Games. It was the first time that ceremony was celebrated outside the main stadium complex and that’s why there were more expectations from the ceremony as all eyes were on it to criticize. And as per expectation, it did not disappoint and it was a big even which could be remembered for long. Each section of the ceremony was performed so beautifully and everyone was surprised with the arrangements. In short the ceremony was able to catch the attention of the world towards it. As the ceremony was held on land as well as on water, so audiences were more enthusiastic to watch this event and its special performances. The ceremony was a big hit and thousands of people enjoyed the evening in the stadium and many watched through other satellite channels.

Asian games

Major attractions: Usually everything was so beautiful in the ceremony but still there were few things that need to be mentioned specifically. The first part of the ceremony was the concept of Heroes which highlighted the brave the fishermen and Jet Ski sportsmen. It is the first and main event of the ceremony which was performed greatly. The swimmers, divers emerged into the pool and perform many activities in no time. Water fountains show its own beauty in the ceremony. One of the major attractions of the ceremony was the movements of divers who coordinated well and created exquisite formations. Another major attraction was of parade of athletes. There was an arrangement of boats in which sport stars arrived at the venue. There were 45 such boats in 45 National Olympic stars came into the venue. All come with lots of dreams in their mind, India is also not exception and after their brilliant performance in Olympics they are quite confident. Gagan Narang, India’s flag bearer in CWG said that he feels so proud to carry the Indian flag and hoped that like in CWG, he will perform better in Asian games 2010 to keep the tricolor flying high.  The ceremony was successful and the Olympic Council of Asia president HH Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah also praised and said all was gone well and good efforts done by China.

Asian games

Conclusion: The ceremony was started with an inspirational song in synchronized manner. Then the Asian games were declared by bursting crackers. Olympic gold medalist in Table tennis, Deng ya Ping run with the flame and passed the same to Chinese football player who further passed the flame to Chen Yi ping and Olympic as well as Asian record holding gymnast and like this finally the flame reached to the main venue. In short, the entire ceremony was take place outside the venue on the Pearl River in an island. Both the land and water part of the island was taken as stage for this grand opening of the Asian games.


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