Barack Obama Tour To Indonesia Make Our Relations More Structured

Barack Obama

Barack Obama in Indonesia: After India, Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Indonesia. He was excited to go Indonesia after two time delay of his trip to Indonesia. One of the reasons of his excitement was Indonesia is the place where he spent his childhood and on going there, he will remember his past days. He reached Indonesia on November 09, 2010. He reached at Prime Halim Kusuma Airport, Jakarta, near about 16.00 pm. He was welcomed by number of national and foreign media journalists at Halim Airport at 11.00 on Prime Kusuma. He was provided by the best security and safety by the officials. Indonesia was ready to welcome him with the purpose to utilize his visit and make good connections with U.S. For this reason, many domestic flights were canceled till the time he had not leave from Indonesia. He was left Indonesia on Nov 10, 2010. According to the US Ambassador Dino Patti Djalal, this visit of US president to Indonesia will definitely improve the relation between two countries.

Barack Obama

Indonesia and U.S. relations are more structured: President Barack Obama met with Indonesia president Mr. Susili Bambang Yudhoyono in Indonesia. The purpose was to declare a strong partnership between two countries. Dino included that this visit is scheduled to maintain the strategic relationship between two countries. It will make a lot of improvement and development in both countries. According to coordinate Minister Hatta Rajasa, this trip to Indonesia will increase the trade value and technology. He said we are desire to increase our investment which is now reach at 20 billion U. S. dollars. He also added that we also want that we take the technology of US to improve our condition.

Barack Obama

Special Forces are arranged: To secure Obamain jakarta, special police force was hired and they took proper responsibility. Police and army did their job very well. Head of Information Department of the Army Brigadier General Widjanarko said all the special army components are used to secure the President Obama during his trip to Indonesia. Not only this, but the Special Forces from the three dimensions of the TNI, Detachment Jala Mengkara Navy, the Army Special Forces, and Air Force Detachment Bravo were also prepared. Barack Obama held a bilateral meeting with President Yudhoyono and attended a dinner at the Presidential Palace. Obama also gave a speech on Istiqlal Mosque. He also visited  Kalibata Hero Cemetery and also delivered a public lecture in the University of Indonesia campus in Depok.


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