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Home Remedies: Today’s new generation is too busy in its work that they have no time to take care of themselves. Due to this sometimes they suffer from some health problems which can be cured easily with home remedies. The only thing is do it properly. One such problem which they face is acidity. Acid is that natural agent of the body which is utilized for the digestive appendage. Whenever we eat something, the cells in the viscus coating eject acid to tolerate it but when this dissolvent is excreted in much more quantity than requisite, then the job of occurs. This happens when the stomach is unable to bear nutrient. Another reason of acidity is stress. Yes, acidity is also due to stress. It is said that a stress may disturb the normal functioning of the body. Similarly, due to less energy, incorrect blood flow and oxygen also slow down the digestive process. If you are suffering from some serious acidity problem, then you must consult doctor and take proper treatment, but if it occurs suddenly then you may use the following remedies:

1. Water is best option to keep fit. Drink at least two glasses of water in the morning. It will help to wash out all the excess acid and other impurities from the system.

2. If acidity occurs suddenly, drink cold milk or eat vanilla ice cream. It will provide you relief within few minutes.

3. Chew small piece of ginger and coriander. It will enhance digestive function.

4. You can also take Coconut water. Coconut water flushes out the excess acid from your system.

5. Tulsi leaf is another good cure. It prevents from formation of excess acid. It is advisable that take ten tulsi leaves per day early in the morning.

6. After having fried or spicy food, always take a glass of luke warm water. It will burn the calories and help in the digestion for the food. It will also prevent from gaining weight.

7. Eat vegetables like beans, drumsticks, cabbage, pumpkin, carrot and spring onions etc. These enhance the digestion system.

8. Take one tablespoon of haritaki along with amla. It is the best and quick cure of acidity.

9. You can also take the fresh fruit juice. It is recommended that before taking juice, always eat something.

10. To avoid acidity, take a sip of lemon and sugar drink after meal. It will enhance the digestion power.

Home Remedies

Conclusion: So you see, how easy it is to get out from the problem of acidity. Above are the few remedial precautions which you can take to keep away from the problem of acidity. Except these, if one can take care of his diet properly, and drinks plenty of water in a day, then he will always be fit and healthy. If one has problem of Chronic acidity then he must undergo a prescribed treatment timely. It is important to take necessary action otherwise it may lead to some serious problem which not only affects you but your family also suffer indirectly. In this article, I have tried to tell you the home remedies for your suddenly occur acidity but for serious problem, you should take proper treatment.


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