Christmas Music

Christmas Music: Around the Christmas season a variety of genres of music are heard and performed, which begins with the months leading up the actual holiday and shortly ends in the weeks thereafter is called Christmas music. For the celebrations and Christmas season music was an early feature. During the church liturgy the earliest litanies, chants and hymns used were the Latin works, rather than popular songs. In the influence of Francis of Assisi carols were written in the vernacular in the thirteen century. The circle dances were combined with singing by the English in the middle age and called them the carols. A song with the religious topic which is festive and familiar, treated in a style was named as carol in the later times. This tradition passed from Italy to Germany and France and to England in later times. In English the work of John Audelay in 1426, a Shropshire poet and priest, twenty five Carole’s of Christmas were listed by him. And these were sung by the groups of wassailers visiting house to house, one of the greatest tributes the Christmas music, which includes the noblest compositions of the great musicians. The government under Cromwell during the Commonwealth of England, the practice of singing Christmas Carols was prohibited as pagan and sinful. The disapproval of Protestant Puritans was earned like other customs of Catholic Christianity. All the celebrations of the Christmas holiday were prohibited by the Cromwell’s interregnum. In the early history the ban on the public celebration of Father Christmas was also seen. In the calendar of 1644 Sunday was the only holy day established by the West minister Assembly of Divines. And this was recognized by the English church in 1645, this produced the new liturgy and the Christmas was legally abolished. By the Parliament in 1647 its celebration was declared an offence. The effectiveness of this ban was debated whether or not in the country it should be enforced.  The celebration of the Christmas was generally disapproved by the Puritans. In Europe and USA the trend resurfaced continually through 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The public singing of the Christmas carols was once again practiced by the people of England as the revival of Christmas tradition by the Charles II in My 1660 sanctioned by the King’s own celebrations. Classic English carols were printed in 1833 as Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern by William B Sandys. This contributed to the revival of the holiday as the mid Victorian. Nine lessons and carols singing in church was established as Christmas eve in 1880 in Truro Cathedral Cornwall, England which continued to be in the churches now days also all over the world. Christmas carols as charity or return for alms was started in England in 17th century after restoration. Collecting money in the streets the Town musicians or waits were licensed. In the 18th and 19th centuries this custom spread over all the population and up to now days. The custom involved women also. There is a long tradition of music, in the important feast of church composed specially for celebrating the season. Christmas music generally in United States begun after the Thanksgiving holidays in stores and streets where the decorations of Christmas are done. Music and related decor have been increased in recent decades.


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