Barack Obama in Mumbai

Barack Obama

Barack Obama in Mumbai: Finally the day has come when the most awaited guest of India has reached. Yes, today on November 6, 2010, Barack Obama has arrived in Mumbai. Barack Obama is on 10-day four countries trip of Asia. When he reached Mumbai, he was with Michelle Obama and 200 panel of his administration. It is said that he is on this trip to make their economy stronger. Among all four countries trip, India is found to be most important one in terms of improving their economy. Before leaving for Mumbai, he clears that what is his aim of coming to India. He said he wants that India support him to improve his country’s economic situation as India is considered as one of the fastest growing country these days. He said he would like to export American products in India so that employment chances increases in America. It is first time that as President of America, anyone has got chance of such trip. Barack Obama is very excited and happy to get this chance during his first time as President.

He said India has remarkable future and so we want to invest in India in all those global companies of India. He is trying to work with IBM, Infosys, and Steel industries and may more.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama praises Mumbai: Obama said that Mumbai is an incredible city and salute the spirit of Mumbai while addressing a press conference in Taj hotel in Mumbai. He said Mumbai is a symbol of power and unity of India and I am very pleased to be here. He said my main reason to stay in Taj is to pay my tributes to all the victims of Mumbai who has lost their lives during 26/11 attack and also to clear the terrorist that US is ready to battle against terror. He delivered a six minute speech to pay tribute to the common people of Mumbai. He praised the spirit of Mumbai’s and said Mumbai’s never give up and always work with great spirit in any circumstances. He said he is very much impressed by the Mumbai local spirit and salute them for their brave spirit.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Speech: During his speech he will discuss more about 26/11 attacks, he said not only India, but even America will never forget that bad happening. He said that attack on Taj hotel that lit up the entire building will never be unforgettable. He address the conference that today, we both countries are working together to safe our people from such terror. He praised Mumbai and said those who did this attack is tried to break down the spirit of India, but they got a big failure. Spirit of Mumbai locals on those days proved that they belong to that country that is always being a symbol of power. He also praised the employees of Taj who came back to their work from the very next day and within a week; this hotel was able to welcome the guests around the world. He praised the manager of Taj Kang, Moshe’s nanny. He also added as the Indians have lost their lives in 9/11, similarly Americans has lost their lives in 26/11 attack. Although the terrorists had tried to make confliction between us but they failed to do so as we both are deepen counter-terror cooperation.


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