Women At Cancer Risk At Home

Breast cancer At Home

Cause of breast cancer: Today, every day we come to know about new disease which is due to use of regular products in our life. The latest news regarding this is breast cancer may be due to use of manmade chemicals which are very common in everyone’s life. These manmade chemicals are easily available in the household products. Researchers found such facts and warned from these products. According to them breast cancer may be due to chemicals available in foods, cosmetics, household products, plastic and even medical treatments. According to a survey, it is clear that one out of eight women is at the risk of breast cancer. This is not at all a good sign. The report is mentioned by Breast cancer fund whose main focus is preventing the women by using these harmful chemicals. They always try to protect and help women for minimum use of these products. This is the main target of the fund to save the life of the women as they are valuable for their family. It is a woman who made a home to perfect house and if she will have danger of life then how the entire world will stay for long.

Breast cancer At Home

Common chemicals may harm: According to a study, it is defined that more use of these common chemicals and the radiations from these chemicals develops more chance to breast cancer. These harmful chemicals, radiations disrupt the hormones and thus cause breast cancer. Today, more and more research is done on this and more proves are collected by researchers on this fact. It is now very much clear that these chemicals in daily life disturb hormones. According to Gwynne Lyons of the Chemicals, Health and Environment Monitoring Trust, women does not always using these chemicals intentionally, but sometime it is not possible for them to stay away from them. They give the example that such products like cosmetics, cleaning products, DIY good and food packaging contain these hazardous chemicals, but being a girl or women it is very difficult for them to stay away.

Breast cancer At Home

Contradictions: Although most of the researches proved this that one of the reasons of breast cancer is these harmful chemicals in daily products, yet it has some contradictions. According to Ed Yong of the Cancer Research it is yet to clear that breast cancer is due to use of harmful chemicals He said that the evidence of these harmful chemicals and pollution cause breast cancer is still unclear. It is not clear that there is any link between these. He said the risk of breast cancer is directly link to the age factor. Well we just hope that this fact should go wrong, otherwise it is very difficult to save the life of a girl, women. If the fact is true, of course it is a serious matter for the women who are used to of all these things. Imagine a woman without make up or not using house hold products, it will against the nature of women and may cause of frustration or something else for them. Women love to use cosmetic products and it is the only thing for which they can do anything and if they are asked to leave the same thing then think, what kind of situation will be that. This is not at all acceptable by them and of course that will be horrible.


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