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Christams Tree

Christmas tree: With Christianity there is a long association of the fir tree. When St. Boniface almost one thousand years ago was converting the people of Germany to Christianity it began in Germany to be worshiped on Christmas. He reached to a group of pagans who were worshipping an oak tree. He saw it was amazing when he said the pagans to cut down the tree in anger and when the tree was cut down, from the roots of the tree, a young fir tree sapling sprung up. This was taken as the sign of Christian faith by the St. Boniface. But at Christmas time until the sixteenth century the fir tree was not brought indoor.

Christams Tree

Origin: The Extension Educator of Horticulture David Robson with the Springfield Extension Center said a Christmas tree was never seen by King Tut, but before the 1st Christmas he understood the traditions which would have been traced back. The evergreens were worshiped by the Egyptians, which was the part of their long line of treasures and cultures. The green date palm leaves are brought as a symbol of life over death, in to their homes when the season of winter arrives. In the honor of Saturn us, the fest called Saturnalia, for the god of agriculture was celebrated by the Romans when winter solstice. They exchanged gifts, decorate their houses with greens and lights. The lamps were lit for journey through life, distributed pastries for happiness and gave coins for prosperity. On a bitter cold Christmas Eve at Trenton, New Jersey, a celebration around the Christmas tree in 1776 turned the tide for Colonial forces. The guard posts of Hessian mercenaries were abandoned to eat be merry and drink as he was so reminded of home by an evergreen tree lit by the candles. They were defeated when attacked by Washington. The Christmas tree rich in many legends has gone through a very long process of development. Martin Luther attached the candles to the branches of the evergreen tree and lighted them on the first Christmas Eve he supposed the reflections of the heaven looked down over the Bethlehem as starlit heaven.

Christams Tree

Christmas tree on the occasion of Christmas: Use of Christmas trees were limited to the Rhine River District only till 1700. With the Hessian soldiers the tradition crossed the Atlantic when the lights were also accepted as the decorations of the Christmas trees and became a tradition in the Germany. Trees and boughs were used before the Christian era for the ceremonials. For the celebration of the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, Egyptians used the symbol of life triumph over the death brought date palms in to their homes. Homage has been paid to the fir tree by the Scandinavians in early times. Romans also raised the evergreen bough to observe the feast of Saturn. The sprigs of evergreen holly are the symbol of the revival of sun god Balder by the Druids and tree in their house it meant for the eternal life. To keep the evil spirits, witches and ghosts out of the door steps of the house the branches of evergreen are placed over the door is a superstition among the people. The custom is not only evolved from paganism, the tree is also used in various religious rituals. A symbol of living spirit is the Christmas tree it is symbolic as well as purposeful.


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