Gift Giving for All Occasions –Adds a Special Touch

special festivals like Deepawali
special festivals like Deepawali

The gift giving tradition or giving of the gifts ritual actually refers to presenting each other with gifts on different festivals. These gifts are considered as the token and symbol of love and remembrance to our dear ones on special occasions. This tradition can be found in almost every religion and every country of the world, as we can site the example of Hinduism in which on the special festivals like Deepawali, people exchange gifts with their loved ones. However, but it is also noteworthy that more than any other religion of the world, the gift giving tradition can be found more frequently in the Christianity. In fact, it would also not wrong to say that the gift giving tradition has been popularized by the Christianity in the world. In Christianity people generally tends to exchange gifts with each other on special occasions. But more than anything else it is the festival of Christmas and Easter when people tend to exchange gifts more frequently in the Christianity.

Gifts A Symbol Of Remembrance

Gifts A Symbol Of Remembrance
Gifts A Symbol Of Remembrance

A gift or present is something given to other person as a symbol of love, affection and souvenir. In fact, gift giving is a tradition giving present to our loved ones without expecting anything in return from them. No doubt, in this fact also that sometimes we want our gifts to be reciprocated from the other side also. However, it is also noteworthy that gift is free of any cost. In many human societies, this tradition of gift giving tradition is being analyzed leading to cohesion. It is also noteworthy that economics have given the name gift economy. It is also necessary to note that gift can actually be anything including love that can make us happy or that can make as less sad, however, it must also be noted that gift is not only worldly things only, but it also includes the virtues such as kindness and forgiveness.


There are different tradition and events when gifts are being traditionally and culturally exchange between the peoples. However, it must also be noted that traditionally gifts are wrapped in some manner. As in Christianity gifts are generally wrapped in some wrapping papers and then accompanied by a gift note which signifies the occasion, the name and address of the recipient. Generally if the gifs are to be given by hand then there is only need to write the name of the recipient. However, in Chinese the wrapping of the gift in red signifies good luck.

Occasions On Which Gifts Can Be Given

If someone may ask for some reason or occasion for presenting gifts to each other, then he may be considered as fool because it does not demands any occasion to present gifts to our dear ones. However, it must also be kept in the mind that there are some special occasions when it presents an opportunity to exchange gifts with our dear ones’. These special occasions includes the following events when we can exchange gifts with each other, some occasions are enlisted here:

  • The gift can be exchanged on days such as Valentines Day and Friendship day as a symbol love and friendship
  • Gifts can be exchanged on the occasions such as birthday, marriage, marriage anniversary and engagement
  • Gift can also be exchanged on the retirement
  • Gift can also be exchanged when some one is going on some travel or journey as souvenir
  • Gifts can also be exchanged on the special days like fathers day, mother’s day etc.
  • Gifts can also be exchanged on special festivals like Christmas and Deepawali etc.
  • Gifts can be exchanged as when congratulating some one
  • Gifts can be exchanged when some new baby is born
  • Gifts can also be exchanged in the form of love, piety and kindness.

However, one thing must be kept in mind that if we want to give some gift to someone as a token of our love and affection, we need not any occasion to give that person gift.

Legal Aspect Of Gift

This aspect of gift giving tradition authenticates that there is no wrong intention behind the giving of the gifts. Moreover, it shall bear the name of the sender and name of the recipient including that person’s. In some countries there are laws concerning the tradition of gift giving. As in America, there was a tax law concerning the exchange of gifts commonly known by the name gift law.

Religious Importance

all religions together
all religions together

The tradition of gift giving is actually have some religious importance also as in Christianity the Incantation and the subsequent death of the Jesus Christ is believed to be the greatest to the humanity. Moreover, it must also been kept in mind that forgiveness and kindness is the greatest gifts given by the god to human beings. According to the Christianity, it must also be kept in mind that if we recognize or sins and feels sorry for our sins then God bestows us with his best gift that is forgiveness. In fact, every breath we breathes and every bite of bread we eat is a gift of God to human beings. Similarly in Buddhism the Incantation of Lord Budha is also considered to be as the greatest gift.


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