Mistletoe Used in Christmas Occasion

Mistletoe in Christmas

Mistletoe in Christmas: Mistletoe is the plant which mostly grows on other shrubs and trees, is mostly heard by the people at the time of Christmas particularly which has the white berries full of sticky juice. The most popular and well known tradition surrounding mistletoe is being the kissing one and there are lots of legends attached to this. Kissing under the mistletoe is believed to lead to marriage. It was belief of the Druids in the ancient times that mistletoe would bring them good health and good luck. The white berries should be kept out of reach of the children and the berries in fact are poisonous, but it has been used as medicine for some ailments. A good crop of the mistletoe is good sign of the following season’s harvest, and fertility is associated with the Mistletoe. It is the symbol of peace, goodwill and love. Mistletoe has no roots of its own; it is an parasite of the air, which lives with the tree to that it is attached, can die without that tree. It was used by the Druids to celebrate the coming of winter since 200 years before the birth of Christ. Even the battles were stopped, the temporary truce is claimed. It is believed that the plant has everything from female infertility, a special healing power and to poison ingestion.

Mistletoe in Christmas

About Mistletoe: The plant has been one of the most mysterious, magical and sacred plants in the folklore of Europe. It is a protection against poison, is considered to bestow fertility and life. At both the season’s mid-summer and winter it can be gathered and using it as a decoration at the time of Christmas and pre Christmas traditions of the Druids is a custom. The plant was the sacred plant of the goddess of love Frigga, the mother of the god of the summer sun, Balder.  A dream came to Balder that he will die soon this alarmed his mother that if Balder dies the whole life the earth will die. She arranged that his son would not be hurt by anyone neither on the earth nor under the earth. Loki the enemy of the Balder know that Mistletoe grows on the apple and oak trees, not on the earth or under the earth. Loki gave an arrow made of mistletoe to Hoder, the god of winter to use it on Balder. He was hit ted to death by that arrow. Each of the elements of the universe were tried to make the Balder alive for three days. The tears shed by Frigga the mother of Balder for him turned to white pearls as berries on the mistletoe plant and Frigga in joy kissed everyone whosoever was passing through the plant of mistletoe. It is believed that who should ever stand under that plant cannot be harmed only a kiss is required as a token of love. The tradition of kissing under the tree was first associated with Saturnalia the festival of Greeks. Later marriage rites were also associated with it.

Mistletoe in Christmas

Beliefs: It has two beliefs, one is that it has power of fertility the other is if at the time of Christmas a young lady cannot refuse to be kissed while standing under the ball of mistletoe fully loaded with ribbons, evergreens and Christmas ornaments. It gives a lasting friendship , deep romance and goodwill. If the girl is not kissed by anyone, the belief is that she should not marry the following year.


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