Light Decoration On Christmas

Christmas Light Decoration

Lights Decoration: The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas by the Christians. The actual date of birth of Jesus Christ is a mystery till now, in many of the countries the Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year by Christians. As per the new testament in the 1st couple of chapters of the Gospels of Mathew and Luke the birth of Jesus is described. The English phrase ‘Christes Masses” latterly known as ‘Christmas’ which means the Mass of the Christ.  The birth of Jesus and his rise into divinity may be celebrated as two different occasions was believed by early believers of Christianity, there were some competing groups. But now the Christmas has been celebrated only on 25th of December every year. And on Christmas-at one time of the year the world is blown with the colorful lights. The Christmas trees, windows and every door steps are brightened and sparkled with lights. The cold winter landscapes are not only light up by the green, white and red glow of Christmas lights, which ignite within the people of the world the spirit of Christmas. Christian people used to sit by the comforting glow of the light Christmas trees since the seventeenth century on Christmas.

Christmas Light Decoration

Candles on Christmas: In the past the Christmas candles were attached to the ends of the branches of the Christmas tree with the help of wax or using pins. The trees were decorated with the candles on the eve of the Christmas and then tore them down quickly after the day as the risk of fire was involved with the use of the lit candles. The 1st practical light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. But as associate of Edison, Edward Johnson in 1882 created a string of 80 white, blue and red bulbs by the hand wiring was the 1st string of electric Christmas lights. The candles were not very quickly replaced by the new string of lights as only very few people were aware of these lights. In 1895, the President Grover Cleveland used the string of Christmas lights on the Christmas tree of the White House. The heavy cost of lights and equipment required to enlighten these lights restricted the use to the White House and to the larger departmental stores only until 1903. Commercially the first strings of lights were put on sale of the masses in 1903. The lights were fitted with a small screw in the bulb along with a battery pack and a socket plug, were the main stream of the Christmas. The early candle lights were totally replaced by the electric string of Christmas lights that we see know and we love these today.

Christmas Light Decoration

LED Christmas lights: Now days LED Christmas lights are there to save an electricity bill up to 95 % and are very cool than traditional filament lights and safer to be hanged next to the Christmas tree ornaments. Without twinkling and bright Christmas lights it is very difficult to imagine Christmas. The parents like to go with their little ones in every December to drive around at the nights to look the sparkling, glowing and twinkling colored Christmas lights reflecting on the snow. Mostly the traditional colors are used but rainbow colors are also used in the lights. Now the dancing lights and twinkled lights are also used so lit the string of these lights and shine on the life.


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