Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai Among World’s Fastest-growing Cities

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai Among World’s Fastest-growing Cities

India had been progressing continuously by leaps and bounds ever since it has got Independence. Almost six decades have passed since India got freedom from the clutches of slavery. Since then India has made huge progress in all the sectors of development. Whether it’s the science field, it’s the sport field, it’s the political field or it’s the IT or it’s the economic field, India has shown its worth that it is by no means behind any of the developed country like USA, Russia, Britain etc. It has shown that no one can underestimate India as an under developed country or minnow. However, India has still been kept under the category of under-developed country. This gradation has been done almost fifty years before but now in between this period India’s development in various sectors have strengthened India’s claim to place it in the category of Developed nations because it has crossed the stage of developing. Now it is developed and ought to be placed and called developed. But still India has always been attributed by comments such as “Third World Nation” by the people of the western countries. However, such bias needs to end as now recently reviews of Forbes India have topped the list of Asia Fab50. Recently in a review printed in the Forbes Magazine. India’s three cities- Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Chennai have been regarded as the fastest growing cities of India in the world.

Forbes Review

In the recently published review of Forbes magazine at Washington it has been declared that Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Chennai are those cities of India which are among the world’s fastest growing cities. It further pointed Gujarat as the most business and the most-market oriented friendly city of India.

Change in Traditional Trend

Forbes Review further conveyed that in the years to come the world will experience a change in the traditional trend as instead of behemoths like New York and Mumbai, the urban powerhouses of the future will be shifted to smaller cities like China, Texas, Austin,  Chile, Santiago and Chongqing.

Development In Obscure Cities Of India

The review further conveyed that if china is making progress in the interior cities by forging links of transportation and nurturing business. On the other hand India too has been experiencing economic boom and development in the most of its obscure cities, which generally remains unnoticed in the rush of developed metropolitan cities. Forbes has named three Indian cities as the world’s fastest progressing cities of the world. These cities include:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Chennai
  3. Bangalore

However, Gujarat has been named as the most business friendly and market oriented city of India.

Ahmedabad’s Development- The Largest Metropolitan In Gujarat


Ahmedabad has been regarded as the largest metropolitan in Gujarat. Its development becomes visible when we notice that Ahmedabad has twice per capita income than rest of the country. It ha also been regarded as the most market oriented and the most business friendly cities of India. The credit goes to the development in these cities as they progressed more quickly than its other domestic rivals. It is due to the business friendly policies of Gujarat that caused the new Tata Nano project to move from West Bengal to Sanand, one of the business suburbs of Gujarat.

Bangalore- The Home Of Information Technology In India


Bangalore has been also regarded as the home of Information and Technology industry in India. It has also been known as the Manchester of India. Many big firms and industries such as Goldman Sachs, Cisco, HP and Indian business giants Tata have started their projects in Bangalore. But above all the city is known more fore the home tech giants Infosys and Wipro, which have about 60,000 employees worldwide. According to Forbes it is due to these tech giants that the city has got its place in the fastest growing cities of the world. However, increasing population in the Bangalore will prove a great a challenge for the development of the city in the years to come as it is expected that by the year 2025 its population will reach 9.5 million mark, according to Forbes.

Chennai- Catering Interest of The Industrial Firms


However, it is noteworthy that Chennai is the most developed city of India of all of the three cities. Though its population is also expected to reach 10 million mark according to Forbes by the year 2025. However, Chennai has made a record by creating 100,000 jobs    much more than the other metropolitan cities of India. However, it is also taking full advantage of the country’s soaring industrial growth especially inn the automobile sector and electronic sector. Many leading industries such as Nokia, Motorola, Dell, Samsung, Siemens, Sony and Foxconn are making their way towards Chennai making Chennai, the second largest entertainment industry of the country behind Mumbai.


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