CWG 2010-Sally Out Osayemi Oludamola In

CWG 2010: With the every passing day at the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 the competitions are becoming very intense in every discipline. Australia was dominating in the medal tally at the end of the 4th day of the competitions followed by India as second and England as third position. The race for the gold is at its peak on the 5th day of competitions the best and brilliant performances are given by the athletes and teams to elevate the best of their country in the medal tally they are trying their best. Controversies come along with the happenings of the mega events like the Commonwealth Games. Recently the Australian hurdles specialist Sally Pearson is involved. At the final canter at the women’s 100 meter sprint race after she won the same she was declared disqualified accusing her for doing some sort of false drama in the start of the game.  An appeal has been launched by the Australian officials with the Indian Commonwealth Games Federation for the disqualification of the athlete and the result is due till morning.

Sally was disappointed: Sally in the tears talking to the press and said that she was surprised for her disqualification. Medal was taken back from her against her protest and dramatic events after she was declared winner of the medal. After four hours of confusions and arguments after the race the team of England lodged the complaint. When Sally was heading towards the podium to take the medal she was told about her disqualification and her country’s flag was draped in. She was surprised and disappointed was in tears, Eric Hollingsworth Australia’s Athletics team head coach said with the Sally’s performance he was fully satisfied and was proud of her.  And he added that he is confident of her winning the gold in the 100 meters hurdle event in days to come.

Osayemi Oludamola is gold medalist: Nigeria’s Osayemi Oludamola was accepted as the gold medalist of the game, after medal was taken away from Sally. Natasha Mayers is now declared for silver medal and third position will be given to England’s Kathryn Endacott who showed intense protest against the winner of gold medal. Sally Pearson had a false start because the electronic timing system showed her reaction time as 0.071 seconds. The Laura Turner of England was the first athlete who has jumped the gun as shown by the electronic system. Team England protested for the same and succeeded in the attempt to promote to the third position their athlete Endacott.  With the winning of this medal she would have been the first Australian 36 years old athlete to win the Commonwealth Games 100 meters game.  She was really demanding the gold.  She said after the disqualification that she was just surprised and did not know what to feel.  She was disappointed and ravaged.  She added that she would be trying to overcome her anger and disappointment in the event of hurdles and come with the gold there.  Laura Turner of England’s reaction time was quicker than that of Sally’s when the race started.  Thus, the Red card was given to the former only.  On the plea that there was very much noise in the stadium so she was not able to listen the sound of the gun and was allowed the race Laura refused to leave the track.  Sally finished first in the race and Laura finished last.  She said she was called back after she was walking out of the medal ceremony of her victory lap with the flag.  She was told that she was clear. That was not right and most disappointing part.


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