America’s Most Expensive Colleges

America’s Most Expensive Colleges

America’s Most Expensive Colleges
America’s Most Expensive Colleges

Education is the basic necessity of any individual to gain success and attain high positions in life. However, this necessity is also the base of the development of any country, as educated youth is the foundation of the development of any country. However, this basic necessity is not easy to achieve in any country of the world, as more than service of humanity education has become business to collect money. Day by day getting education has been becoming a hard nut to crack due to increasing cost of the education. Even in the countries like America the price of getting education is really high. Forbes recently conducted a survey and issued a list of the most expensive colleges in America. Really expenses in these colleges are so high that it really requires a huge some for the students to get education from these colleges. However, the head of these institutions defended the increase in the price of education with their own reasons.

Students Are The Sufferers

However, the point that is noteworthy is that the students have to bear the burnt of increase in the price for getting education. Even due to recession in the market in the past year, where students are finding it really hard to find jobs for them in the market. Moreover with this they have on their shoulders the debt of thousands of dollars which they have spent on getting education. Especially in America according to the review conducted by Forbes, the expenses on getting are close to $60,000 and even the tuition charges in the private colleges is 4.5% since last year.

Forbes Top Ten Expensive College Of America

Forbes Top Ten Expensive College Of America
Forbes Top Ten Expensive College Of America

Forbes has top ten expensive colleges of America in his recent review according the price of getting education in these colleges. The Top ten expensive colleges in America are enlisted here:

  1. Sarah Lawrence College tops the list of top ten expensive colleges of America.
  2. George Town College Town University with cost of $12,750 is at the second spot in the list of top ten expensive colleges of America.
  3. Pomona College with $12,220 cost sits in the third place in the list of top ten expensive colleges.
  4. Smith College with $12,050 is at the fourth spot in the roster.
  5. Vanderbilt University with $12,030 cost is at the fifth spot in the list.
  6. Washington University is at the sixth position with cost $ 12,030.
  7. Harvey Mudd College with $11,970 is at the seventh spot in the list of expensive colleges of America.
  8. University of San Diego is at the eighth spot with cost of $11,870.
  9. Southern Method University is at the ninth spit with cost of $11,800.
  10. University of Chicago is at the tenth spot in the list of top ten expensive colleges of America with cost of $11,700.

Sarah Lawrence College- The Most Expensive American College

According to the recent review of the Forbes regarding the most expensive colleges of America, Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York is the most expensive college in America charging $56,556 from the undergraduate students for tuition, fee, room and boarding. This cost excludes the cost of personal expenses such as books and other personal expenses. It also excludes $1,780 expenses which each student has to pay for sickness and accident insurance. It also excludes the financial aid which almost 65% of the students of the college gets.

However, Karen Lawrence, President of the College defended this hike by the argument that their students requires more meetings with the faculty, which is also part the seminars of the students. Thus, requires more expenditure on the part of the college also.

He also commented that the students of their institution spend twice the time than the students of other schools in one-on-one discussions.

The other colleges in the list include:

  • Bard College with $54,275
  • Trinity College with $53,380
  • Bates College with $53,300

Universities In America Have Also Become Expensive

Same type of expenses in getting the education in America is experienced in the leading universities of the country. Here are the some details of different expensive universities of America:

  • Columbia University is the most expensive University with $43,415 expenses on the fee and tuition fee alone. It excludes the expenditure of $10,572 for room and board. It also excludes the cost of living in the New York.
  • University of Chicago cost $56,640 for studies, which includes the cost of books, rooms, board and other personal expense. But it excludes the cost $2,220 which is insurance of the syudents.

However, it must be noted that several of these colleges also provides a lot of aid to the students also. As Harvey Mudd College gives 80% of its student’s aid and 30% of students gets merit awards. Similarly different colleges provide aid to their students in different ways.

No Decrease In The Enrollment Of The Students

Despite the high price and expensive structure in the different colleges of America, there is no decrease in the enrollment of students in these colleges. According to the report this is due to the fact that several private universities are trying their best to keep the price low. But still with hike in the cost of education, the colleges experienced record enrollment this year as compared to the last year. The reports also confirmed that institutional grant aid increased to 6.8% this year as compared to 9% last year, also the expenses on the tuition and fees increased to 4.5% which is the second lowest in the last 37 years.

Best Colleges Of America

According to the third annual report of the Forbes regarding the best colleges in America on the basis of quality of education, students experience and professional success, only four of the most expensive colleges made their entry into the top 25 best colleges. These colleges include:

  • Columbia University
  • Wesleyan University
  • University of Chicago and
  • Harvey Mudd

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