Ayodhya Should Be Divided Into 3 Parts

Ayodhya should be divided into 3 parts: The much awaited judgment of the Luck now Bench of Allahabad High Court in majority of decision ruled that disputed site at Ayodhya should be divided between the Hindu and Muslim communities. All the three Judges unanimously gave his decision to not to remove the idols of ‘Ram Lalla’ in the makeshift temple. The court decided to give the Hindus the area over which the demolished Babri Masjid formerly stood and where a small makeshift shamiana covered the shrine to Hindus Idol ‘Lord Ram’ stands. The three Judges named SU Khan, Sudhir Aggarwal and Dharma veer Sharma give their different opinions on the different matters of the issue. The judgement almost runs into 10000 pages.

Judgment of judges: Our first Judge S U Khan said that let the land be divided in three parts, one each for the party for Lord Ram i.e. Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, the Sunni Waqf Board, Nirmohi Akhara. According to S U Khan the area where ‘Ram Lalla is Virajman’ should be given to Hindus. Muslims should be given a separate portion of the courtyard, and third party engaged in legal suit i.e.  Nirmohi Akhara should be given another section of the outer courtyard. The second justice Sudhir Aggarwal also agreed to give the control over the area where Ram’s Idol has been installed to Hindus.  The third Judge Dharma veer Sharma made the court decision in favour of Hindus. According to Justice D V Sharma the disputed site is the birth place of Lord Ram and the disputed Babri Masjid was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Babur. Babur had built this Masjid against the doctrine of Islam and didn’t have the features of Mosque. The Lucknow Bench also said that the status quo will be maintained at the disputed site for three months and the Bench has invited suggestions also from all the parties regarding the division of land. The plea of Sunni Waqf Board regarding the title of land was dismissed due to limitations or time barred.

Three parties are joint holders: With 2-1 majority, the Bench held that the three parties, Hindu, Muslims and Nirmohi Akhara were joint holders of the disputed property. According to Justice Sudhir Aggarwal and Justice S U Khan the share of Muslim parties shall not be less than one third of the total area. If at the time of allotment, the minor adjustment regarding the share will be made then the affected party will be given adjoining land in form of compensation. The area under Central Dome (part of erstwhile Masjid) where ‘Ram Lalla is Virajman’ has been allotted to Akhil Bharat Mahasabha (Hindus). The inner courtyard is used by both the parties since centuries so it will be shared by both the parties. The third  litigant  i.e. Nirmohi Akhara will be allotted  ‘Ram Chabotra’, ‘Sita Rasoi’ and ‘Bhandar’ which are situated in the outer courtyard. Another area of outer courtyard again will be shared by Muslim Party and Nirmohi Akhara. Before giving judgement, ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) was also asked to carry excavation work in the quarrelled area to find out whether temple was present there before the mosque was constructed. On this day everyone was afraid. So many politicians including our Prime Minister appealed the people to maintain peace in the country. Almost 1, 90,000 security personnel were on the duty on the verdict day so that it would take minimum time to reach at the troublesome area. To avoid any mischievous activities Helicopters were kept on alert and were asked to keep a vigil on the activities. There was no ban on movement of people but hospitals and doctors had been put on alert to remain prepared. Three dog squads, four bomb disposal soldiers’ parties have also been deployed at strategic points in Ayodhya. At Faizabad 2000 personnel of CRPF were deployed at the Ram Janam Bhoomi complex. Besides all this arrangements, 16 companies for rural area, PAC and 38 companies for twin towns were deployed for avoiding any terror. Not only has this, to get the information about each activity of trouble makers, a control room been set up with six phone numbers. There was a  great risk to the Judges of Luck now Bench of Allahabad High Court, so there security was also enhanced.



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