India World’s Third Largest Power

India World’s Third Largest Power
India World’s Third Largest Power

India has been progressing really at a great speed from last few decades. But still India has failed to come in the category of the developed country due to the partial behavior of the topmost nations. In fact they are not even ready to put India in the category of the Developing country. In fact, India has still been called Third World Nation and Under Developed Nation. Almost more than fifty years have passed since these categories have been made. But still no amendments are made to these categories, though there are many such countries that have developed a lot, but still they are attributed with the notions such as third world nation and under developed. But India is far ahead than all the other under developed countries, but still India has failed to achieve this status of even Developing Country. But the recent report of US stated that India is emerging as the third greatest power of the world after United States Of America and China, has really strengthened the India’s claim to be considered in the category of Developed Nation.

India Third in Power and Fourth In Bloc-US Official Report

However, it must be noted that in recent reports from Washington, it was stated that India has been emerging as the third largest powerful country in the world after US and China.

This clearly shows the constant progress of India in the past few years. In recent past India has been making lo of progress in the sector of economy, military and science, and this attributed to its progress in the world as the third greatest power in the world.

It is really a big achievement on the country’s part. However, it is also noteworthy that if in the sector of power if India is third powerful country in the world, in the sector of the bloc India enjoys the fourth position after United States, China, and European Union according to the official US report.

New Delhi Clout Expected To Rise By The Year 2025

However, the Global Power Line Up in its report for 2010 also confirmed that India is making great progress, and the reports also confirmed that by the year 2025 New Delhi will rise in clout. This report is also confirmed by the National Intelligence Council Of US (NIIC) and The European Union’s Institute For Security Studies (EUISS) that by the year 2025 New Delhi clout will rise.

Reversal Expected In The Positions Of India With US And Other Top Nations By 2025

It must also be noted that according to the some of the opinions collected from the experts of countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China, it confirmed that though USA is enjoying top spot with 22 percent of the global power, followed by China and European Union with India standing in the fourth spot. However, in the coming twenty five years a huge reversals are expected in the positions of all the countries especially in the positions of India and China that with US and European Unions. Current Positions and and percentage of global power of the world enjoyed by these nations is enlisted below:

  1. The first in the list according to the reports of the present time is US at the top with 22 percent of global power
  2. Then comes China and European Union with 16 percent each enjoying second and third places respectively.
  3. Then comes India at the fourth spot with 8 percent of world’s power.
  4. Then comes Japan, Russia and Brazil each enjoying only 5 percent of world’s power

However, according to the reports issued by the International Future Model, there will be a huge turn around in the powers of these nations. As according to these reports by the year 2005 there will be decline in the percentage of power shared by US, European Union, Russia and Japan. On the other hand, India, China and Brazil will experience a rise in their global power; however, the positions in the listing will remain as it is with US still in enjoying the top spot in the year 2025.

New Percentage Expected By The Year 2025

However, it is also noteworthy that though there will be increase in the percentage of global power of India, China and Brazil, but still there will be no changes in the listings and positions The new percentage expected to be had by these countries is enlisted as follows:

  1. United States of America will still enjoy the top spot in the global power, but its global power will decline to 18 percent from 22 percent which it now enjoys.
  2. Then USA will be followed closely by China and European Union with 16 percent and 14 percent respectively by the year 2025.
  3. Then after them India will enjoy its fourth spot with increase in its power from 8 percent to 10 percent.

Problems In Global Governance

However, it must also be noted that reports also suggested that nations are facing critical problems that are proving to be a big hindrance in the progress of the nations. Though globalization and economic and political development has demanded the nations for cooperation of the nations for global governance, however, issues such as ethnicity, religious and regional conflicts, climatic changes, effective managing of natural resources are proving to be the greatest snag in the path of global governance.


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