Top Ten Hill Stations Of India

Top Ten Hill Stations Of India

Top Ten Hill Stations Of India
Top Ten Hill Stations Of India

India has always been a chief tourising spot for the millions of tourists across the world due to its rich heritage, diversity various historical buildings, various religious places and above all it ha s many world famous hill- stations that attracts the tourists across the globe. If there are historical buildings like Taj Mahal, Red Fort etc, there are also religious places like Amar Nath, the Golden Temple, Jama Masjid etc which are the chief tourist spots for the tourists, besides these country has many hill stations like Kullu Manali, Shimla, Ooty, Dehradun etc which attracts the interest of various tourists around the globe, and it also benefits to bring foreign currency to the country helping in making country’s economy strong.

Top Ten Hill Stations Of the Country

The leading top ten hill stations of the country helpful in bringing foreign currency here by attracting tourists from around the globe are:

  1. Shimla
  2. Ooty
  3. Darjeeling and Gangtok
  4. Mussoorie
  5. Kodai Konal
  6. Dehraadun
  7. Kullu and Manali
  8. Sri Nagar
  9. Mount Abbu
  10. Shillong

If anyone even at home want to get away from scorching heat of the summer and is planning to go to any hill station, and then choose any of these hill stations, you will really experience the paradise here on earth.


Shimla known as the Paradise of the north India is one of the major tourist spot in India. It was built by British after the first Anglo-Gorkha war. However, by 1830, it became the major spot for the British in the summer season and as a result of it in the year 1864, it become popular as the summer Capital of India during the British reign. Since then it has become one of the major spot for the tourists. It is famous for its pleasant air, clean atmosphere and many breathtaking views. There are several tourist spot which attracts more and more tourists. They include The Ridge, The Mall, Sankat Mochan etc. It is also known for its panoramic hill views. The best time to visit Shimla is during the months of December and January, because during this time of the year it experiences maximum amount of snowfall providing beautiful pictorial views to the tourists.


Ooty is another topmost hill station of the country. Situated in the south of India, it has been formed by the four royal hills which include- Elk Hill, Snowdon, Doddabeta and  Club Hill. These four hills form the meeting points of Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. The hill- station has lot of thing to offer to the trekkers

As it has various trekking routes, which are different in structure. Furthermore, it present beautiful sights of Nilgiri Hills covered with forests, tea and coffee plantations including various grasslands and mountains. One can see nature at its best here with beautiful sights of flowering gardens.

Darjeeling and Gangtok

Both Darjeeling and Gangtok forms the another major hill stations of India. Darjeeling and Gangtok are both famous for its tea, coffee, monasteries and various flower orchards. Both of these presents the moments of desolate memories, tranquility and mesmerizing beauty of Kanchanjunga. All of these presents a pictorial and moments of splendor to the tourists. The hill stations are also famous for various adventurous sports. It will not be wrong to say that it is Heaven for adventurous sports.


Mussoorie is famous as the queen of the hill stations. It is the most famous spot for the tourist during the summer season. It has various tourist attracting spots such as Doon Valley, Shivalik Range and Kempty Falls which has made it centre of attraction for the tourists. Even during the British reign it has been visited frequently by them. Further it has another spot Camel’s Back road presenting beautiful sight of the sunset and it resembles a sitting camel, and hence derived its name from it. Another important place to visit here is Gun Hill.

Kodai Konal

Kodai Kanal is one of the major touring spot which is famous for its freshness and taste. Various wild flowers and exotic orchids make it Heaven on the earth.

Kodai Kanal has become the tourist attracting spot for its pleasant climate. The hill station is famous for its Kurinji flower, which blooms once in a decade. Further it provides an ample place for trekkers with its 17 different trekking routes.


Dehradun is famous for its various floristic plantations, tea plantation, astounding valleys, leech gardens and various breathtaking and panoramic views. Besides it has a soothing effect on the minds of the visitors. It is often known as the combination of hill station, pilgrimage and educational sector, that’s why cater the interest of the people from every corner of the life. Further, it has some hotels, restaurants and recreational clubs also to cater the interest of the people.

Kullu and Manali

Kullu and Manali are famous for its hand woven colorful caps and shawls. Furthermore, it is known for its scenes such as flower, apple orchids, rivulets, streams clouds floating over the mountains, curving brooks, and snow covered mountains. This hill station offers a lot of things to the person who has artistic bent of mind.

It is situated on the foot of Himalayas.

Sri Nagar

The capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is mostly known for its Mughal Gardens, beautiful houseboats sprawling over the Dal lake and magnificent golf courses, and it is these things which set it apart from the rest of the hill stations. Moreover, the mesmerizing beauty of various lakes can also be enjoyed on various houseboats and shikara . The beauty of Srinagar with its snow covered peaks and flowering meadows can really present an amazing sight to the tourists coming here.

Mount Abbu

Mount Abbu is actually an oasis in the state of Rajasthan, the only hill station in the desert state, making it centre of attraction for the people. Massive rocks, valleys and flowering shrubs make it more attracting. Moreover, it presents a beautiful sunset scene also.


Shillong is famous for its rivers, English style houses, waterfalls, lakes and caves. Here we can enjoy the nature’s beauty to the brim. Further more, it has different 18 golf courses attracting tourists worldwide. Some other touring spots of Shillong are Ward’s lake, butterfly museum, botanical garden, lady Hydari Park, Tadlskein Lake, Sweet falls, and Elephant falls, Sohpetbneng peak and beadon.


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