Shameful Part Of Cricket

Bad part of cricket: Cricket and Mazhar Majeed a London-based property dealer counting in a hotel room the bundles of notes amounting to1,40,000 pounds.  It is a most defining and shameful image of the international cricket.  When a hidden camera was filming his all the activities, he was not aware of being filmed, and within hours it would make a sensational headlines of him and the cricket (the gentleman’s Game) all over the cricketing world.  A million pound betting racket has been stripped off the covers by the World’s sting operation operated by the London tabloid News in which Majeed and three other players, the newly appointed Test Captain of Pakistan Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif  teams two pacers are involved in the racket. It all shows how the cricket betting syndicates operate and make lots of money, to the undercover reports Majeed posed himself as the representative of a gambling syndicate of Far east who are making easy money. The process of gentleman’s game seems to be changing to a safe harbour for crooks in the International cricket.  Majeed’s betting scandal had sensationally rocked the world of the cricket, which no previous scandal has done so far in any sport.  The facts have been exposed and that will be horrible for million fans of the cricket around the world.

Match fixing is shameful: As predicted by Majeed that Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir delivered three no balls during the Lord’s test just concluded, is the most sensational scandal in any sport ever evidenced. The International Cricket Council’s(IIC) anti corruption unit’s outgoing head Lord Condon said that must be the case of déjà vu and warned earlier this year that the spot fixing has been spreading like a rash to the governing body of the game.  A decade ago to lead the inquiry into the Hansie Cronje’s affair of match fixing a former Scotland yard commissioner was appointed.  He said that match fixing the bets are placed on the short passages of the game not on the results of the match which is a serious threat.  It has been refused by the International Council of Cricket to comment on investigations.  At Trent Bridge, in the first match of the Pakistan-England Test series a month’s ago were toppled by Scotland Yard and ICC.  Majeed was also investigated separately by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs officers on suspicion of money laundering in case of spot fixing racket, of the Kingpin. Two others one women of 35 year old and a man of 49 year old were arrested and bailed out in case of money laundering.

Majeed’s scandal: A property company in the name of Bluesky Developments has been run by Majeed, having a portfolio of multi million pounds, is engaged in the lucrative financial sponsorship deals of the players and their marketing opportunities since last tour of Pakistan to England since 2006.  The alarming bells have been rung with the authorities of Pakistani cricket that the players and Majeed having a close relationship, for this the players have been warned to stay away from Majeed and no agent is allowed to come to their hotel rooms.  The team captain Shahid Afridi is also warning his team mates for the same.  For the remaining games of the series, the fans demanded the refund, as the public opinion got shocked and grew with the scandal.  It started in Yorkshire, where one day match is being hosted at Headingley.  Other places hosting the five match series is also affected and would also effect the ticket sales for 2 twenty 20 international matches at Cardiff.  Many have tried to cancel their bookings as a protest against Pakistan’s such conduct and many may be attending the matches reluctantly is admitted by Stewart Regan, Chief Executive of the County.  In the club office the phones have not been stopped ringing for the refunds on the one day matches.  About cancelling the tickets we have been facing numerous enquiries I personally attended several calls.  Being club we are not make refunds because it is the personal opinion of the people, we may not be agreeing with them.  The money involved in match fixing is shocking for the image of the cricket, but not for throwing a match, Majeed was paid 1,50,000 pounds posing him as a gambler by the reporters.  For information on the match the syndicate could make millions and millions he claimed for up to 4,50,000 have been paid to him for information per match.  He said that the much is not paid to players for their shameful behaviour.  Majeed said that if he is fixing matches all over the world that means the rots of the betting business in the international cricket runs deep.  This is somewhat true; so many test players are in the business of betting.  He claimed having relations with an Indian bookie.  The past and present of the cricketers have been shocked and in horror but it was not a great surprise.  The power of the cricket has been shifted to east that had given the way to betting opportunities and the governing body is weak, it does not surprising to me said by Michael Atherton, former captain of England.  Yousuf Raza Gilani the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that their heads have been hanged in shame with this incident.  Veena Malik former girlfriend of the one of the players and a Pakistani actor also reacted badly on the incident.  She said that last year, Asif told her, the Pakistani team is not going to win any of the matches on its Australian tour. As he has been offered $40,000 by the Indian bookie for their under performance in Australia but his demand was $200000.  The Indian bookie is a Delhi based free lance photographer Dheeraj Dixit. But Dixit refused to say any thing regarding this to India Today.  He denied all the allegations, as he was advised by his lawyers.  His friendship is well known with the leading cricketers all over the world, but his silence have left a question mark on his presence in London as and when the scandal broke.


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