Is The Pune Bomb Blast Case Really Solved?

German Bakery

Hard to believe Pune case solved: The Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) declared with such tune that the defend of two men, who they said were allegedly active in the Bakehouse wind covering in Pune. Mirza Himayat Baig and Shaikh Lalbaba Mahommed Hussain alias Bilal who were titled as Lashkar-e-Tayyeba operatives were picked up from Pune and Nashik, respectively, as the ATS claimed to individual cracked the case in seven months. In the bomb blast, there were 17 people who were killed and injured at least 60. Withal, supposition the ATS’ path list in the investigate, their past aver appears to be a bit premature. That’s because the work into the workplace blow slip has been booming of contradictions also being unwieldy. When Rakesh Maria took over as ATS primary from K. P. Raghuvanshi, there was a sound that now the case will resolve at its earliest.

Rakesh Maria

Rakesh Maria handed over list: Just in one-and-a-half months, Maria had bimanual over a enumerate of 13 suspects to Maharashtra abode reverend R. R. Patil. After that it was declared that the ATS identified the suspects and they would be inactive shortly. Earleir, as the case went by, no specified arrests were prefab. Then suddenly, ATS announced a prized prehend in the forge of Abdul Samad Bhatkal, pal of Yasin Bhatkal. They also suspected Samad to screw naturalized the calorimeter at Germanic Bakeshop. The pull had level drawn congratulations from P. Chidambaram, the union home minister. After that, ATS started officially declaring the unseen stories of the mission that how Samad was seen just 15 days before the blast in Pune. His face was also panoptical from the CCTV footage at the place. After revolved up claiming Samad was not in Pune on the day of the bombard, the ATS revised its theory. The ATS then claimed that they got information from Samad about his brother Yasin, and thus came to conclusion that master mind behind the bomb blast was none other than Yasin. But there is yet to find out the exact truth and thus the Maharashtra state DGP D. Shivanandan gave the responsibility to Rakesh Maria, the ATS chief to find out the whole truth behind the blast.

Rakesh Maria

Rakesh Maria’s statement: According to Rakesh Maria, both Mirza Himayat Baig and Shaikh Lalbaba Mahommed Hussain were the part of that 13 suspected terrorists list which he has prepared and send to home minister. However, some governement resources refused to accept the same. According to them both names were not mentioned in the list. Not only this, even the sketch released by Pune crime branch after speaking to witness different. ATS also clarified that these were not the same sketch which they had made. In short, there were two different things that came out after the investigation. According to Pune crime branch, they were not the suspect but ATS refused to accept the same. So what do you all think, is the Pune bomb blast case really solved?


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