Tweeter Ghost Tweet Almost Everything


Tweeter ghost tweet almost everything: On Twitter, India is just a click away, for any homesick NRI.  Through the steady stream of tweets, to catch India live can peek in at any time. Tweets are on many type of things and subjects just as politics, chaotic traffic, movie releases, festivals, bollywood, cricket and for foods tweets on batata vada at Sree Krishana, ice cream at India Gate, sandesh from KC Das, molaga bajji at Marina Beach each and every tweet bringing Indians having obsession with food specially NRIs a bit closer to home land/motherland. It is very rare that you come across a NRI helping resident Indians connect better with India.  That is why @thecomicproject is so popular on Twitter.  @thecomicproject (TCP) for an Indian who lives in Amsterdam, in the Twitter circle is fondly known as the ghost who tweets,  thanks to his display picture/avatar(phantom DP).  Often funny, loved by all, his tweets, gives a very rare impression of NRI away from home.  On twitter you can find Talat Aziz, gajar ka halwa, Manmohan Singh, Sachin Tendulkar, avail(a South Indian mixed veg. dish), Indrajal comics, Vividh Bharti, Kashmir and more in the tweets. Everything happening in India is known to him always. Whenever you with him, you will feel him as friendly demeanor and easy going.  He is loving interacting with people can be seen by you. If you tweet about AK Hangal and he is back with you.


About Twitter: The micro blogging service and a social networking, operated and owned by Twitter Inc is called as Twitter.  Tweets are called that enable its users to exchange the messages sent and received by the users.  Displayed on the author’s profile page, text based posts of up to one hundred forty characters, are called as tweets.  The messages on tweet can be restricted to the delivery to the sender’s friends list only and are visible by default publicly.  If an user subscribe to other author tweets, this action is known as following and who subscribe is known as follower.  Lists of authors can be followed instead of individual authors.  Tweets can be sent and received via the Twitter website, SMS, smart phone, available in certain countries.  Though service is free but if you go through SMS may cost phone service provider fees.  The website was first based in San Bruno, California near San Fransisco.  There are more servers and offices of the Twitter are in San Antonio, Massachusetts, Texas and Boston.  Twitter has gained popularity and notability worldwide, more than 100 million users are worldwide.  Sometimes it is called as SMS of the Internet.  The direct use of twitter is dominated with us of the Twitter’s API for receiving and sending SMS.


Twitter as social network site: The basic mechanics of the Twitter is described by the Technology author Steven Johnson as remarkably simple.  Twitter, as a social network revolves around of the principle of followers.  If another Twitter is followed to be used and the tweets on your main Twitter page appear in reverse chronological order.  If the twenty people are followed then a mixture of tweets are seen scrolling down the page: interesting new links, breakfast cereal updates, music recommendations and even the future of education is mused.