MJ’s Ghost Wants $1 m Theft Case Solved

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’S ghost wants Justice: The ghostly presence of late King of Pop Michael Jackson has been felt regularly since his death last year by his family and friends. Now, the Daily Star reports that the soul of the star would not rest to peace until he has struggled the string of injustices, which includes having stolen the 1 million dollars on the day of his death from his home. It is said by a psychic.  Melodie the celebrity medium spoke to the Michael Jackson’s ghost, for an hour long session.  It was made visible by the spirit of Michael Jackson that immediately after his death from his rented mansion the cash was stolen during the exchange.  It was declared by her at one stage after silently meditating and made contact with the ghost of Jackson apparently that through her you can also talk and ask him anything you require.  The name of the perpetrator has been referred  by him for the cash stolen which was stashed by him in unlocked drawers, for the legal reasons we cannot say the same.

Michael Jackson

Jeramine spoke about ghost: Jermaine the brother of Michael Jackson spoke that the compound of their house in Encino, California is haunted by the ghosts he said it is the darkest secret of the family.  Their estate was built on a grave yard and he had been encountered by the ghosts there over the years.  He spotted the ghosts roaming in the grounds of the estate and he found two of them in his bedroom once, when he was child.  When he opened his eyes he saw there were two old people, he said that they were not good spirits but they were angry and evil spirits, he felt the presence of them.  He recalls that he shared all the details of these ghostly encounters with his mother.  She told him that the ghosts were cruel.  This thing rested with me for rest of my life.  Jermaine Jackson said that he bone chilling encounter with ghosts in his old house he was always afraid of the dark since then.  He said that he felt frightened the ghosts pick a time when he was weak, tired and sleepy ghosts were empowered then, that was the time for them to come to him.  From that time he was not able to sleep without lights are on.  He always sleep with the lights are on.

Michael Jackson

About Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson the American superstar was born on 29th August, 1968 in Gary, Indiana, the audiences were entertained by him throughout his life. Joe Jackson, his father was a guitarist but after his marriage with Katherine he was forced to give up his interests in music.  They were growing their musical interests at home.  Jackie, Jermaine and Tito were performing since 196 around the city and Michael and Marlon joined them in 1964. Dancing and singing talents in Michael were amazingly mature, he became the focus of the Jackson 5.  In 1980’s he dominated his brotherly group and became infinitely more popular.  On 25  June., 2009, at the age of fifty he left this world for heaven.


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