Sensational Claim Of Yasir Hameed In Spot Fixing

Yasir Hameed

Sensational claim of Yasir Hameed: Yasir Hameed, former Pakistan opener  in a sensational twist claimed that in spot fixing his team mates are involved in almost every match. As fourth Pakistani player being investigated in the match fixing scam which continuously growing in the proportion.  British tabloid News of the World, came out with more explosive surprises that has thrust ed  the game into a major crisis, even before the dust of the suspension of Mohammad Asif, Salman But and Mohammad Aamir the tainted trio is settled .  A bookmaker asked Hameed to help him to fix a test for 100,000 pounds, he said to the tabloid, but the money was turned down by him.  He said that his teammates have been caught, they were almost fixing every match.  All the get caught are branded crooks.  All the matches were fixed by them.  Hameed quoted in the sting operation that God knows it better what they are up to, as released by tabloid.  After the interview was released, with in few hours Hameed denied that he could not think of saying that his team mates are accused of match fixing.  He said that he had already told to the management, of the newspaper claiming that he has been interviewed.  He said that was not correct, he denies the same.  For violating the anti corruption code of conduct of ICC (International Cricket Council) the disciplinary proceedings could be faced by Hameed as stated in the code that if a player failed to disclose to the Anti Corruption and Security Unit full details of any approaches (without undue delay) is an offence. And the breach of the anti corruption code.


ICC contains six pages for one charge: The fourth players name is not disclosed for some legal reasons, the tabloid said that how the International Cricket Council was probing the match rigging claims of the 4th Pakistan touring player. Twenty three charges of the ICC contains six pages for one charge which all the three suspended Pakistan players are facing. Salman Butt the former Pakistani Test Captain already warned for five times for his responsibilities of reporting the irregularities of contacting with outside agencies it was said. The tabloid said that they will publish the entire investigations, transcripts of all the meetings, email, conversations and text exchange in January.  Hameed admitted that he attended a couple of parties at Nottingham but he said that they were not unknown people to whom he talked there. The were not strangers.  Yawar Saeed the team manager of Pakistani team said that Hameed’s denial is correct and confirmed, he further said that let us wait and watch the happenings.  The News of The World and its conversation with Mazhar Majeed was published in detail on Sunday,  Majeed played as an agent of most of the players of Pakistan team and have been paid advance knowledge of no balls of the final test as it is claimed.  Majeed was arrested and bailed by British Police having paid 150,000 for the information, to be bet upon.

Salman Butt

Salman Butt also wrapped up in scandal: The newspaper said that some cash out of this was found in the room of Salman Butt in London.  Butt’s lawyer denied and rejected of any wrongdoing and it was not unusual to give him money by his agents.  Shahid Afridi Pakistan’s  one day captain apologised saying that the scandal was a very news.  He said they are not in the series on behalf of the boys he wanted to say sorry to all the cricketing nations and all the cricket lovers.  The Pakistani authorities have been very angry by the action of ICC against the three players in particular the Ambassador of Pakistan to Britain Wajid Shamsul Hasan said that it was none of the business of ICC to suspend the three players and suggested that they were set up.


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