Improve Your Car Fuel Efficiency

To see prices of fuel rocketing sky high is really a troublesome. In the face of economy driven and recurring price fluctuations we can feel helpless only. To combat the rising fuel prices, seeking measures is the only way to improve fuel economy. In the fuel budget for the significant savings, these simple guidelines should not be disregarded, each of the little steps can be followed for adding up.

Check Tyre Pressure: To improve the fuel efficiency of your car you have to keep tyres of your car well inflated is very simple thing to be added to your habit easily. By keeping your car tyres inflated can improve the mileage of your car about 3.3 percent according to DOE.

Lighten Your Load: No unnecessary items should be kept in the boot area, as for every extra weight of forty five kgs. Carried by you fuel efficiency is dropped in a typical vehicle by 1-2 percent.

Slow down: The more fuel is used if you drive your vehicle very fast. The speed limit should be kept as recommended by the manufactures while driving can save fuel. A 5mph speed over the driving limit can affect up to 23 percent of fuel economy. Accelerate gradually and slowly, because quick acceleration affects the consumption of the fuel much.

Do fuel Quality Help Mileage ?-‘Speed Petrol” or “X-tra Mile Diesel” are mostly recommended by the attendants of the Petrol Pump. To improve the efficiency of your vehicle these fuels do not help in any way. The only recommended fuel by the manufacturers of the vehicle can be used always. It is the wastage of the money and can harm your vehicle as well,the fuel of the higher octane. It is good for the engine of your vehicle, to stick to one brand and type of the fuel. Octane Ratings can be carefully known.

Tune Your Engine: Keep the engine of your vehicle well tuned which can improve the fuel economy up to 4 percent. The recommendations of services and change of oil can be followed as recommended by the manufacturer’s.

Clean the Air Filters Regularly: Air filters help keeping impurities away from engine of your vehicle and the same is not damaged. The efficiency of the engine is improved 10 percent by changing the clogged air filter.

Keep the Windows Closed: While driving along highways, keeping the air condition on is more fuel efficient than driving with the windows opened. The open windows will reduce the fuel economy. To keep yourself and your car cool preferably keep the AC on and the windows closed which will decrease the fuel efficiency considerably, use the same judiciously. A/C On and Windows Down-is much more fuel efficient?

Clean Spark Plugs: Keep the plugs clean and in good condition. As specified by the manufacturer renew the wires and plugs with in time limit, which will keep the cylinders of your vehicle firing properly which will result a higher efficiency.

Do not Be a Clutch Driver: While driving do not keep your foot on the clutch. With this the clutch of your vehicle will be under undue pressure, which not only will reduce the mileage, but also the clutch plate is weared out, the replacement of the same is not very cheap. Keep the vehicle in showroom conditions. Any modification to the vehicle will affect adversely to the mileage, as the broad tyres and diffusers etc.


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