PM Announced Salary Hike Of Indian Mp’s

Hike in salaries: In terms of the monthly salaries, the salaries of Indian MPs is still much lower than their counterparts in major countries, even after their three times salary hike.  With the yes of the cabinet today the MPs salary rise besides other emoluments are doubled, the salary has now gone from Rs. 16,000 to Rs.50,000 of Indian MPs. Excluding other allowances and perks of  the new salary of the lawmakers of India are not at par with their fellow parliamentarians are drawing in other major economies at present.  All the Members and Senators of US House of representatives is USD 14,500 or USD 174,000.  After conversion into Indian currency, Rs. 675,203 will be the salary of a US Lawmaker and which is 13 times more than the new revised salary of an MP in India.  The revised salary of an Indian lawmaker is 11 times lower than as compared to Canadian MPs monthly salary.  And if compared with UK’s lawmakers  the salary is 8 times lower.  12,611 USD is the current monthly salary of a Canadian member of House of Commons and pounds 5,478 or Rs. 399,941 is the monthly salary of a British Parliamentarians.  The base salary of an Australian MP in the Govt. of that country is USD 118,000/year or USD 9,833 /month and 1.3 million yen of a member of Japanese Parliament (Diet) or $15,200/month.  The Singapore’s MP gets 13,710 Singapore dollars as net monthly salary.  In the countries like France, Italy, Germany and Spain are EUR 7,002, EUR 5,487, EUR 7,688 and EUR 3,126 respectively.
PM announced salary hike of Indian Mp’s: Dr. Manmohan Singh headed the Central Cabinet committee who announced the salary hike of the Indian MP’s.  The 5 times rise was recommended by the committee to equalize with the salary of cabinet Secretaries  Rs. 80,000.  Office allowance has been raised from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000.  Electoral Area allowance is raised from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000.   Interest free Vehicle Loan has also been raised from 1 lac to 4 lakhs.   And the traveling allowance has also been raised from Rs. 13 to Rs. 16 per Kilometer for the use of private vehicles by the MPs.  The parliamentarians and their spouses will travel in 1st class and executive class by Air.  Pension allowance is also raised from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 20,000.  Lalu Parshad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav criticized saying that the allowances raised are not sufficient the cabinet should take the decision of the committee. If I will say to my boss this will go down with him.  That the position of my salary is not satisfactory, I to want my salary to be increased by five folds.  It should be my right to increase my salary and at the time when I want to.  I am not a mad do not even think of that.  Please think again, as we people are governed by mad people, is not it a surprise for you.  I will make it clear and straight, if you are confused.  The increase in the salary of our parliamentarians is three fold and they decided it by self.  And along with this they have increased their allowances also.
Is it fair with common man: The reason for the same they are justifying is the Price Rise What a fun with the public, people with thousands of crores of their personal empires, properties and incomes are doing this type of decisions, what to say of the aam admi the employees whose salaries are increased only by 10-15 percent only and that too after a battle with the Govt and great struggles after four or five years of waiting.  We want to know that who is responsible for the price rise in the country will somebody please tell us.  We the aam admi of India or their Govt.’s economic policies.  We add to this that a parliamentarian will now get Rs. 65,000 per month and allowances in addition and get free travel on Indian Railways and business class by air.  Free electricity, free phone, to sign the parliament roster constituency allowance and daily allowances. If it is not a big deal then here is an small example.  If an MP is travelling Delhi to Mumbai suppose it is 1000 kms then he will get 32,000 for a trip of Delhi to Mumbai and back at the rate of Rs. 16/km.  If it is a justified and said to be under paid then I have the right to demand for rise in my salary by five fold in these days of price rise is also justified.  Now not only our respected MPs are demanding a rise in their own salaries and perks but they are demanding rise in the perks for their servants and their kids too.  40 trips in a year are allowed to our MPs along with their spouses from their constituencies to New Delhi but they demand 12 extra free trips by air be given for their dependent children (six two way tickets from New Delhi & back). The domestic help is also demand to them who are travelling with them.  Now it is the time to compare the salary of an MP with income of the rest of India.  Less than Rs. 3,000 is the total income of an average Indian, and this includes everything.  Forgot of the air travel most of the average Indians can not afford the ticket of the Rajdhani Express trains.  Many more of them does not have their own home and they are facing the brunt of oil prices and food prices rise.  What about the survival of the common man of India while the food prices and touching the sky. And our politicians are making the matters worse and are busy in waisting the time of parliament proceedings with the same price rise.  Rs. 7.65 crore /day is the cost of the parliamentary session.  What an agony is this in the same parliamentary session was marred by protest over price rise and on the other hand they are proposing and demanding the rise in the salaries by self.  And at this time our economy seems to be in worst conditions.  If the parliamentarians demanding the same in the name of the price rise then an average common man is eligible for a mid term increment. Are you listening the lawmakers, the parliamentarians, the politicians and the Govt.


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