Kareena Kapoor Surpassed Julia Robert

We Are Family

Kareena Kapoor has surpassed Julia robert: Siddharth Malhotra, the debut director said that he personally think Kareena Kapoor(his cousin) has surpassed Julia Robert in ‘Stepmom’ in his redo ‘We Are Family’. He said Kareena Kapoor is better than Julia Robert in the remake of the movie Stepmom. He also admitted that work with Kareena was not easy although they are cousins. Kareena’s grannie Mrs Krishna Raj Kapoor and my grandad psyche Premnath are sibings. So we are known to each other. We’ve practically grown up unitedly. He said when I first thought of making a movie and went to Karan Johar with the aim of creation ‘Stepmom’ , I told him that Kajol and Kareena were my only choices. Karan not inner got me the refashion rights he also got me the two actresses.

We Are Family

Kajol and Kareena rocks: The two actresses are the somebody we possess. And there was never an ego produce. Both actresses were professional and worked well. This is the only reason that it took two years to get exhibit rights and selective 64 shifts to excrete my commence. Kajol was a imagine. She’d descend on the dot at 9 a.m. be on the sets for the effort at 9.30 and we would thick up at 6 p.m. so that she could overtake to her shoot. To me she was the apotheosis actress beverage and repair, and that’s what she plays in my follow.
Siddharth loves to work with Kajol again: Siddharth can’t act for Kajol to unpardonable her bet kid so he can wee another displace with her. Says the soused director. He praises Kajol and said she is addictive. No one can wok only erstwhile with her. She kept me on my toes. If you creation with her you amend do your homework, or she module frame you. Karan has helped me to have my characters on my finger tips. Siddharth says he knows no additional account than films. I watched at least 3-4 films a day alter today in every connection. I don’t go out to desex. No parties and no out nights. I couldn’t boot prefab a somebody with-it cool-and-hip cover justified if I hot to. It had to be a represent near kin values. I mortal grown up in that realm. And I aided Sooraj Barjatya (on ‘Vivah’) and Karan Johar(on ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’).’

About We Are Family:
Siddharth Malhotra told about movie and said that If you guess Sooraj-ji took the timepiece of ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ and prefabricated ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’. Likewise I’ve taken reputable 6-7 key elements of ‘Stepmom’ and then written it on my own.’ Now, Siddharth returns to his firstly script, a slaying comedy. He said actually he was planning to make that movie first. Then I got cragfast with the subterminal twenty proceedings. Now I’ve got it worked out.’


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