Which Cricketer Is At The Top In The List Of Brands?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is at the top in the list of brands?: Any assumptions about who is currently employed among the top Indian players? No, not a general favorite Sachin Tendulkar. Now MS Dhoni entering the top choice for companies who are always looking qualify for celebrity testimonials. It has been estimated by sources within the field of sports management that deserves the Indian one-day and Twenty20 skipper MS Dhoni could be tuned to the R 50 crore this year. Sachin Tendulkar comparatively be pocketed about Rs 35 crore. At present two Tendulkar and Dhoni are charging more or less the same amount for advertising. According to source for every endorsement they have signed, their price tags go up to Rs 4 Crore.

MS Dhoni

Mahinder Singh Dhoni surpass Sachin Tendulkar: Quite shocking while reading the title of the article? But this is the fact that Mahi beat Sachin. Now the question arise how is it possible and in what terms? Don’t be panic or worried, he is beaten by Mahi in an endorsement. Mahi beats him by signing an endorsement deal. The Indian captain of cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been signed by powerful brand. He signed 200 Rs. crore deal with a talent management company surpassed Sachin Tendulkar in the lottery business. Dhoni has become a two-year contract with Mindscapes Rhiti and Sports Management, which manages the Indian captain long list of labels and brand associations, corporate profile, patent rights and digital images, the visibility of social networking sites and goods through a joint venture. The Rhiti Sports confirm about this contract. The General manager of Rhiti Sports Sanjay Pandey confirm that they have made a deal with Dhoni. he said we have entered into a two-year contact with him and now we will look after his entire spectrum. He said we have signed the contract in last week and from now onwards we will handle all the assignments of MS Dhoni. Pandey also included that we at Rhiti Sports also manage the assignments of RP Singh and Harbhajan Singh. He also included that before this in the year 2006, Tendulkar made a deal of three years with sports management firm Iconix which was worth Rs 180 crore. For your information, Dhoni is the most expensive sportsmen who is associated with 22 brands like PepsiCo, Reebok, Aircel, Godrej and Hersheys.

Yuvraj Singh

M S Dhoni is big brand: M S Dhoni Agent Jeet Banerjee said Dhoni is a big brand today and a lot of representatives from India Inc are showing interest in connection with him. However, Mr Banerjee, refused to borrow a certain amount, when asked what current gain Dhoni were. Future Group, which has been associated with Tendulkar has recently roped in Dhoni as well and on this Sandip Tarcas Future Group said that No doubt now days Dhoni’s brand is 10 times bigger than him but for us Tendulkar is an icon and they both have mass connectivity. He also said that other top box office after Dhoni and Tendulkar are Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh, etc.