PETA Demands To Release Of Paul

Paul Octopus

PETA demand to release of Paul: Animal Rights Group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to demand the release of Paul, the octopus who became an international star for his World cup predictions. One of the PETA spokesmen Bruce Friedrich said they invited people to sign an online petition calling for the release of Paul. He also included that no animal deserves to be confined to a small tank and hope that popularity of Paul, or notoriety in Germany, for people to think more about the inner life of octopuses. The move comes after death threats from German supporters who say they want Paul fried or turned into a paella for betraying the country by Spain’s victory over Germany correctly guessed last week. Paul, the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, had predicted the outcome of the six battles of Germany, choosing to eat food in boxes decorated with flags of Germany and its competitors. Meanwhile, eight-legged Oracle predicted that Spain wins the World Cup, and Germany, winning the battle for third place in Uruguay.

Paul Octopus

The secret of Paul Octopus: Paul was named after a poem entitled Der Chico German author Paul Lornse Tintenfisch Octopus. Walenciak goalkeeper Oliver thought it might have something to do with the fact that all Octopuses have nine brain so we know it has special powers. Octopuses can learn, but can handle complex information in their heads, and can behave in equally complex. But it would be a mistake to try to give octopus IQ. They are not intelligent like us-not because they are stupid, but their behavior is the product of hundreds of millions of years of evolution by entirely different circumstances from those with their brains evolved.

Paul Octopus

Paul backs Spain: The psychic octopus Paul has predicted Spain will triumph in the World Cup final against the Dutch. Animal Oracle, which correctly predicted the winner of each match played by Germany, supported the side to win the game awaited Sunday in Johannesburg. From his home in an aquarium in the German city of Oberhausen, he made his prediction by selecting a shell from a choice of two boxes, each bearing the flag of a team. Predicting who will be the third place, Paul undoubtedly chose Germany to beat Uruguay. However, the octopus is facing increasing competition
from Oracle animals of Singapore, a parrot named Mani.

Parrot Mani

Parrot Mani predicts A Dutch Win: The 13-year bird, became a sort of local celebrity after its owner said he has correctly predicted the winners in the four places in the quarterfinals. Its owner M Muniyappan who is operating a stall fortune teller said that Mani has also expected to win Spain in the semifinals over Germany in choosing between the cards printed with flags of the country and now the parrot has chosen the Netherlands as the winner of the World Cup. M Muniyappan said that he is not interested in the World Cup and he never ask for predictions for himself. He included that he does it for his customers. People usually come and ask for lottery numbers.