A Tribute To Michael Jackson

Remembering MJ:It’s been one year that we lost one of great pop singer or can say king of pop. The same before one year was that most unforgettable moment for all Michael Jackson lovers. This was the day when they lost their favorite star. Today on his first death anniversary, i am writing this article to dedicate my love and affection towards him. He was great singer and I am big fan of him, still I used to listen his songs which feel me that he is with me forever. Come let’s pay our tribute to this great star on this day. Last year on June 25, 2010, when i came to know that he is no more with us, it was like a death moment for myself. I was in shock for at least one hour and become unconscious. I could not believe that it happened and like me there were lots more who did not believe on this. That was the biggest hurt to his fans and it was impossible to forget that moment from the life. At least for me, i never forget that moment.

Michael Jackson’s controversies:Till the time he was alive, he was always surrounded by controversies either for because of his singing or because of his personal life. Even there was doubt on his sex. From the childhood, he struggled hard for to survive. He was molested by his father in his childhood. Then when he grew up, he was involved in many scandals even after his death, he was not spare by media. Media always tried to show what is actually happening in his life either personally or professionally. After his death, his cremination was done in secret to avoid public audience. It was also said that he was taking drugs which was one of the reasons of his early death. This also proves that he was in great trouble and to avoid all his tensions, he took help of drugs which was not the right way but may be he has no other option.

About Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson was one of the greatest pop singer in the world. He was not only great singer but also his creativity in the field of singing was fabulous. He had power that a person can’t resist himself to dance. His compositions, singing way and presentation, all were unbeatable. Hats off to that great personality. Michael Jackson, you will always be in my and lots of your fans heart forever. He was the most successful entertainer of all time and this is a Guinness book of record which was I think little bit impossible to any other. Well today on his first death anniversary, we just tribute our regard to him and prey that wherever he will be, god bless him. Few of his collections, which I like the most include Will you be there, Who is it, I’ll be there, Stranger in Moscow, They don’t care about us, Gone too soon, Leave me alone.