Indian Currency New Sign- Five Symbols Shortlisted

Indian Currency: Indian currency which is one of the most famous currency around the world. Most of the foreign countries like to business with India because of its reasonable currency rate. Now as the demand of Indian rupees increases day by day, the authorities of India has decided to add Indian currency to the major currencies club and the plan is almost done and now Indian rupees is ready to be joined in elite club of all major currencies like dollar, euro, pounds, yen etc. For this Union cabinet call a conference on Thursday June 24, 2010 in which they will have decided the unique and informative identification symbol for Indian rupees. This is one of the great achievement of Indian currency that it is now going to add in the list of major currencies. We just hope that cabinet will choose the best design of symbol used for Indian currency. There are five symbols which are shortlisted for using as symbol now rest is up to the jury that which will they choose.

Shortlisted symbols: The proposal of introducing Indian currency into club will definitely leave an impact of Indian economy to the global world and this will be beneficial. For this purpose, five symbols are also shortlisted by cabinet from which one will be selected. The finance ministry told that they have chosen these symbols according to Indian culture. These symbols are representing the Indian ethos and history. According to some reliable resources, it is expected that cabinet would like to choose the symbol which reflects the Hindi alphabet R with two lines. This may be their choice as this also represent the Hindi language and our nation love towards our mother language. These five shortlisted designs are easy to write and simple that they can be easily appeal the Indian community. The designers who designed these symbols are from top institutes of India like National Institute of Design, Lalit Kala Akademi, J J Institute of Applied Art and Indira Gandhi National Center. Also these designed were present in front of seven member jury which include official of govt. and RBI.

Abbreviation of Rupees: Till the time, the abbreviation used for Indian rupees is either Rs. or Re and some time this abbreviation is also used by neighbor countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka. On the other hand, foreign currencies have their unique identification and abbreviation and also they used their own identification in the currency like USD. This is one of the points of changing abbreviation of Indian rupee. Although the decision of changing the symbol of our Indian rupee was taken by Indian government last year, yet the finance ministry has represented five symbols in this year. According to them they want to include the Hindu mythology and tradition that is the the symbol must show Indian culture and so they have taken
much time. I think not only me but also the entire India is eager to know that which symbol is finally chosen by Cabinet for Indian Rupees.


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