India Emerging as Super Power but Girls Still Prevailing

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India emerging as super power but girls still prevailing: India is second fastest growing economy in the world. Whether it is field of technology or media or any other development, world knows the power of India. Indians have not only made name in India but also outside the nation. In several powerful counties of world, Indians are in large numbers. Most of them are holding executive positions or working as scientists, doctors, engineers and many other respectable posts. India was ruled by Britishers but now time has changed. Indian origin man, Lakshmi Mittal is richest person of England. Many other Indians are counted among world’s most powerful personalities whether in business or cinema. No doubt, India is becoming super power but girl child is still prevailing in most of the part of the country. If we will look at girl child condition in country, then it is still not satisfactory. They are still facing problems and not even getting their basic right which every individual should get. Can we really continue our development if only male will be dominating and female rights will be curbed? I don’t think so. Country will need equal contribution from both male as well female.

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Education rights for girl INDIA

Education rights for girl:
Indian constitution gives equal right to woman as well as woman. Everyone has right to study. In rural part on country, girl child education is made compulsory as well but till what extent what extent government is able to spread the awareness. People still make difference between girl-boy. If girls will not get education, then how long they can make a strong country. How they will be able to guide their child babies for better future? How they can make a great mother India? If girls will not be educated then country cannot continue the growth. Recently, there was big issue with bill for woman reservation in parliament. Can only man rule the country and woman can’t? There was demand of 33 per cent reservation and even it made big problems but what if they would have asked equal right with 50 per cent reservation in parliament and all other places. If baby girl will be given good education then they will not only make good family but also help in development of the nation. In cities, condition is still better as female and male both are getting good education as a result they do not feel much difference between girl and boy. The day, Indian people will be educated then they will understand the girl meaning and their importance.

Abortion and infanticides: If advancement in medical science has helped in making healthy India then on other side people are also using it in wrong manner. Many advanced technologies of medical science can be used to detect whether there will be boy or girl child. Indian government and many social institutes are trying to make people aware of value of girl child. Such tests are not legally allowed in country but still people in rural area still give priority to male child and as a result, abortion and infanticides in some regions of country are increasing. We have to save the girl child if we want that country will have balanced sex ratio as well as growth will go hand in hand. In religion Hinduism, girls are treated as goddess but not everywhere case is not same. Whether Sikh, Muslim or Hindu girl, all are facing some problems like dowry and other social evils. If people will continue killing the girls before birth at same rate then there will be imbalance in country. Alone, government cannot do anything until or unless people are not aware of importance of girls. Men need to understand, they also have mother who is woman and without they would not have seen this wonderful world. It is responsibility of every human being to help the country to grow whether they are female or male. If being a woman can kill her own daughter before births then they are not true woman. They should like to convince their man and should change the mentality about the girl child. Many good names are given to girls but do people really understand those girl name meanings. People still have the thinking that only boy can make their family name and can continue their family for next generation. As long as baby girl will be killed by these thinking in country, one cannot expect good future for nation.

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kalpana chawla , Rani Lakshmi bai etc..

Some remarkable Indian girls: Many Indian girl names are known to this world for their achievements. It is even before the independence of country. Rani Lakshmibai, had given tough fight to Britishers when they were ruling India. At the very younger age she made her name among popular revolutionaries of the country. In year 1925, Sarojini Naidu became the first Indian born female president of the Indian National Congress while after independence of country on August 15, 1947, she became the governor of the United Provinces, and in the process became India’s first woman governor. Another notable woman from India, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit became the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly and she was also an Indian. How people can forget, Indira Gandhi who became the first woman Prime Minister of country and tried to give rise to country. Kiran Bedi, recruited to join Indian Police Service and she made conditions terrible for the criminals. Kalpana Chawla became the first India-born woman to go into space in year 1997. World knows the Mother Teresa who won the Nobel Peace Prize and she was also Indian citizen. Pratibha Patil became the first woman President of India and has proved that girl can hold the highest position in the country. Meira Kumar became the first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha in year 2009. Not only in political field, but also in other field too, Indian girls have made their name. India along with Venezuela is the only country which has won maximum number of Miss World pageants i.e. five in number. There is long list of female achievers from country which are well known to this world. Indian girls are making their name everywhere if they are given chance so why people still don’t want girl child. People will have to wake up now and act on social issues. They need to lift the girl and save the girl child. These girls are future mothers which will give birth to next leaders of the country and will help in development in country. These girls will run the country and will make the country reach height one cannot imagine.


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