India Eves Lose Aainst New Zealand

New Zealand

India eves lose against New Zealand: In 4th match of ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Indian women team faced New Zealand women team at Warner Park, Basseterre at St Kitts. New Zealand Women won the coin toss and elected to bat first. Batting first, they scored 139 runs losing eight wickets in limited 20 over fixture. Indian women team failed to get the winning total in 20 overs. They scored 129 runs losing eight wickets. Indian women team lost the match played against New Zealand women by different of 10 runs. SW Bates of New Zealand was given man of the match award for her brilliant performance in the match. New Zealand women team got two points by winning this group stage match.

New Zealand

New Zealand Women innings: SW Bates started inning for New Zealand along with skipper AL Watkins. Team lost their wicket early as skipper, AL Watkins on fifth ball of second over when she was at an individual score of 8 runs of seven balls with two fours. SJ McGlashan joined Bates in middle. SJ McGlashan was stumped by Naik on the ball of David, when she was at an individual score of 15 runs with the help of two fours. SW Bates was caught by Kaur on the ball of David when she was playing at 32 runs off 30 balls with three fours in her brilliant inning. In very next over Fevine was caught by Malhotra on the ball of Roy after adding just three runs. New Zealand women team lost their 4 wickets at total of 64 runs in 9.5 over. NJ Browne played well and gave contribution of 24 runs off 17 balls with four fours in her inning. She was caught by Dhar on the ball of David. AE Satterthwaite lost her wicket on very next ball of David as Sultana caught her catch. She scored 13 runs off 15 balls. Wicket keeper RH Priest was stumped by Naik on the ball of Malhotra when she was scoring quick runs. She added 20 runs off 12 balls with one four and one six. LR Doolan also became victim of Malhotra on third ball of last over. She added eight runs from her bat. MF Fahey was unbeaten at 12 runs while KE Broadmore scored unbeaten two runs. At the end of twenty over, New Zealand women team was at total of 139 runs losing eight wickets. DP David was most successful bowler who took four wickets for India while Malhotra took two wickets. Sultana and Roy also took one wicket.

Indian Team

India Women innings: India women team had target of 140 runs to win the match. Wicket keeper batsman, Naik started inning for India along with PG Raut. India lost their wicket as Raut on second ball of third over without adding any run from her bat. M Raj joined Naik in middle but Naik lost her wicket when team was at total of 28 runs off 24 balls with three fours and one six. M Raj hold one side for team while other batting women were losing wicket one by one. M Raj was caught by Satterthwaite on the ball of Bates. She scored 44 runs off 36 balls with six fours. Sharma was only player to score in double digit while others lost their wicket in single digit score. She scored unbeaten 28 runs off 16 balls with one four and one six. At the end of 20 over, India women team were at total of 129 runs losing their eight wickets. They lost the match by difference of 10 runs. LR Doolan and SEA Ruck took two wickets each for New Zealand women team while Watkins and Bates managed to get one wicket each.