Death Sentence For Ajmal Kasab

Ajmal Kasab

Death sentence for Ajmal Kasab: Ajmal Amir Kasab, the only terrorist who survived is given death penalty for terrorist attack of 26 November in Mumbai. A Mumbai special court conducted the trial for the case. Kasab has become 52nd person who is given such punishment. The sentencing decision was given by Judge M L Tahiliyani. He was give capital punishment for killing 72 people and waging war against the state. Ajmal Amir Kasab was given death sentence in four cases while in other five cases he got life term. He was found guilty on more than 80 of the total 86 charges brought against him. He was involved in planning and executing the attacks in Mumbai on 26 November. He has been most costly leader prisoner for India so far. Government spent about Rs 35 crore to provide him safety. He will not be given death penalty immediately. He will be given chance to apply to higher court or he can also file a mercy petition from the President.

Ujjwal Nikam

Ujjwal Nikam happy with result: Ujjwal Nikam is special public prosecutor in the Mumbai attack case. He described Kasab as worse than a wild beast. He said that he is a killing machine and the orders for the machine came from Pakistan.  He expressed his happiness over awarding eath sentence to Ajmal Kasab. He said that verdict has delivered justice to the families of the victims and he is happy about the verdict. Ujjwal Nikam said that the fair and open trial in the case has given the message to this world that in India everybody has the opportunities to defend themselves. Ajmal Kasab is provided will all opportunity to defend himself. He said that Kasab tried every possible trick to save himself. He tried to mslead the court several times. Public prosecutor told that Ajmal Kasab asked for chicken biriyani sometimes during the case or sometimes told that he wanted to tie a rakhi. Ujjwal Nikam told to media that Ajmal Kasab tried his best to save himself but he got the right penalty as death sentence for his work.

Ajmal Kasab’s silence:
Ajamal Kasab was crying when he was led back to the court room after stepping out briefly with the judge’s consent to drink water. Ajmal Kasab is resident of Punjab state in Pakistan. Looking him crying, the special judge looking at the case M.L. Tahaliyani asked the defense the lawyer if his client wants to say something. The 22 year old Kasab was asked by his lawyer if he wants to say something but Ajmal Kasab just shook his head without speaking even a single word.  Ajamal Kasab looked to be irritated. He again sat down. Judge M.L. Tahaliyani asked him directly in Hinid if he want to say something. Kasab looked at the judge with his blank face. Again he shook his head and sat down. , Special Public Prosecutor fighting for the case, Ujjwal Nikam said that those were crocodile tears. He spoken a Sanskrit verse publically which meant that no matter how much milk is given to a snake, it will always spew venom. Same snake is Ajmal Kasab in prosecutor’s eyes.