Closed Airspace Hits Travel And Tourism Sector


Closed airspace hits travel and tourism sector: The suspension of international flights across Europe has adversely affected the travel and tourist industry of India as well as of the other countries. As tourists from other countries come to India through air ways and with close of those ways only people are facing problems but many air lines companies are having huge losses. President of the Travel Agents Association of India, Rajinder Rai told that these crises has had adverse affect on the tourism sector along with travel industry and according to his estimate, industry has lost more than USD 1 billion in last six days suspensions. He told that we should learn a lesson from such incident for future that if any such incident takes place then there will be not so much affect. Small exporters are also affected to great extent that used to send their goods through air ways.


Airlines may raise fares: As airlines are having big losses due to suspensions of flights so they may raise their fares to recover their losses. Rajinder Rai told that most of companies are expected to increase their fare for certain time to cover the losses which is incurred. He said that that they have talked to India’s national carrier Air India and they have assured that they will not hike their fares. Private air lines will not tolerate losses and will not be so kind to people as Air India. Indian tour operators have lost about twenty five per cent of their business due all these interruptions in previous six days. Jet Airways, Kingfisher and Air India are among top air lines services in India and according to estimation, these companies together are losing about Rs 30 Crore per day, which is a huge amount. These three airline services have cancelled more than 60 flights in last three days. These airlines get 40 to 50 percent of revenue through the global operation. The Director General of Civil Aviation told to media that their tariff analysis unit is keeping an eye on the situation to ensure people that airlines would not charge heavy fares.


Volcano ash led to air space interruption: Air space has been closed to eruption of an Icelandic volcano whose ash has spread in the space. The eruption of volcano began on Wednesday for second time within a month from below the Eyjafjallajokull glacier which formed a cloud of ash in between 6 to 11 km into the atmosphere. Affect started firstly from Europe where large numbers of flights were cancelled due to ash content which are harmful for the flights and may cause damage. Ash contains small particles of pulverized rock and glass which can damage the engines and air frames of airplane. Previously air space was closed for three days after the attack of 11 September, 2001 in United States. That had also affected the travel industry while this time suspension has already gone for six days. European countries are facing more losses as compared to India.