Social Networking Services In India


Condition of social networking services in India: Number of social networking sites is increasing rapidly. If we look at the social networking sites Indians using then will find countless sites few of them are Yaari, Ibibo, BigAdda, Indyarocks, Fropper, Desimartini so on. Most of sites which have reached their dead ends in present competitive market. Orkut, social networking site by Google, is still among most popular site in India with about 33 percent reach and 15.3 million users using the services. Facebook is well known social site in other countries and it was launched in India in year 2008 and is giving tough fight to Orkut as it has got about 27% reach and has made 12.6 million users in just last two years. Among top ten social networking sites only two Indian websites and are in list with 6% and 3% reach, respectively. The data shows the conditions of social networking sites in India. There are sites like MingleBox which have about 3 million users. This site had started as social networking sites and changed into a educational site. was started by Stanford University graduates Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia and is receiving complaints for spamming.


Challenges faced by social networking sites: Though social networking sites have increased in number but most of them failed to generate good money. One of major challenges in front of social networking sites is language. India has huge population speaking English which have made India popular in IT sector. As Indian people join any social networking site, their preference becomes English instead of local language. It is not so in other countries. For instance, Japanese social networking site Mixi has more than 805 of social networking market in Japan due to their local language. In similar fashion, other countries like France, China, Russia and many others provide social networking in their local languages which makes them popular among the users.


Rising social media in India: India has world’s second largest population but internet users are just 47 million. Most of people still use traditional media like print, television and radio. But in recent years, internet users are rapidly increasing and also using social network services other than just searching for information. Many private companies also try to reach to customers through the social sites. Spicejet, well known airline company has account on social sites like Facebook and Twitter with more than 1000 followers. Anish Srikrishna, senior vice-president-marketing of Spicejet told that in current scenario customer don’t want to be just treated as customer and they expect much more from the company and social networking sites are good way to interact with them. Many other private airlines companies are also following same trend. In past print media and television were preferred for advertising but now conditions have changed. Most of the companies advertise on the social networking sites as they can reach the targeted traffic through this way to sell their services. Many social sites are down now but still not dead and as internet facilities are increasing and people are becoming more aware of internet, they are moving toward it.


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